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Being Human Season Two Teaser Trailer

Being Human returns January 16th to the SYFY channel in the US. The network has released this  teaser trailer for season two. It  looks like plenty more sexy shenanigans for the roommates. The tagline for the season is "Temptation is a beast". Not much else is known at the moment, but as we get closer to the premiere more shall be revealed. At least for now we have this video to sink our teeth into. 


As a brief recap, last season's finale of Being Human ended with a bloody mess. Aiden defeats Bishop at the factory only to find out that "she" wants to see him. Josh discovers that Nora is also a werewolf and she decides to stay with him. Sally, the resident ghost, discovers that she can now interact with objects. 


The original Being Human was first broadcast in the UK on BBC3 in 2009. The Pilot was a hit and began airing the same year on BBC America.In 2010, SYFY began broadcasting the North American series. Jeremy Carver and Anna Fricke pen the use version of Being Human. The name of the vampire character, Aiden, is an homage to the original actor Aiden Turner. 


Many differences exist between the two productions. The original BBC broadcast of Being Human only features 6 episodes. The new North American production features 13 episodes per season. This means the writers have the freedom to make significant changes. In some situations they have changed the character's decision, while still supporting the premise and atmosphere of the original series. 


BBC America continues to air all the episodes of original Being Human series. 2012, will mark the fourth season of the UK production. These new episodes are being co-produced with BBC America. The season will bring back old characters and introduce new ones. There is no announcement yet on when it will air in the states. 


The new season of Being Human premieres on the SYFY channel Jan. 16th, 2012. While you wait, check out the  teaser trailer. What do you think will happen next? Will it follow its BBC counter-part? Leave your thoughts in the comments. 


- Sam Huntington
- Sam Witwer
- Meaghan Rath
- Being Human (US)
- Syfy

Written by: susans
Dec 3rd, 2011, 12:46 pm

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