Syfy premiered as SciFi on September 24, 1992 as a channel dealing with the paranormal, science fiction and horror genre. The channel is a sister station of the USA Network owned by Paramount and MCA, which owns Universal studios. This makes a perfect fit with the films and TV series in these studios historic vaults. From Star Trek to the Universal horror films, Syfy had a great lineup from the start. Science fiction author Issac Asimov and Star Trek's creator Gene Roddenberry served on the channel's advisory board. A series of sales now has NBC Universal as the owners of the channel.

With a mixture of new and second run series and movies, Syfy has one of the most diverse lineups on TV today. They have created their own series such as Battlestar Galatica, Stargate SG-1 which they picked up from Showtime and continued to create new episodes and their spin off series Stargate Atlantis. The series Eureka had the channel's highest rated premier in 2006. It is also the US home of the long running British series spinoff Doctor Who and the new home of ECW wrestling. Syfy has also created a Friday Night lineup which features the most successful series in that genre, set in a two to three hour block. They have also had major success with their newly created miniseries. Among those was Taken, a Stephen Spielberg project that won an Emmy Award for the channel.

Also Known As
Sci-Fi Channel (1992–2000)
Sci-Fi (2000–2009)
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