"Million Muppet March" in Support of PBS Planned for Washington D.C.


Regardless of your political leanings, you've got to smile at this one. Hell, I'm Canadian--I don't have a dog in this fight--and I was eager to report on this. As a response to Mitt Romney's now infamous pledge to cut the federal funding to public broadcasting, a Los Angeles animation executive and an Idaho student have called for a "Million Muppet March" in Washington DC in support of PBS.

Sesame Street characters

November 3rd, a mere three days before the election, the National Mall in DC will welcome as many muppets as Animax’s Michael Bellavia and student Chris Mecham can mustre. Bellavia purchased the website domain for the idea and Mecham had created a Facebook page for the event entirely independently; once one planner learned of the other, they decided to join forces for a common cause.

PBS, the home of 'Sesame Street,' received $445 Million in budget outlays in 2012. Mecham, from Idaho, has stressed the importance of public broadcasting in rural areas of America where few other media outlets are available. This is of course but one of many reasons that public broadcasting has proven essential and invaluable to the USA throughout the past century.

Mitt Romney and Big BirdThis is an hilarious turn of events in an election that has already featured Big Bird in a controversial pro-Obama political advertisement which was asked to be revoked.

Bellavia and Mecham both admit that they may fall short of the goal of 1,000,000 muppets, however the assemblage of puppets will certainly be impressive/intimidating.


I, for one, cannot wait to see this.


- Sesame Street

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Oct 13th, 2012, 9:51 am


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I also, cannot wait to see this. This has become a joke and MR. Mitt is grasping at straws if he thinks cutting PBS will change anything. Take a look at Jon Stewart during his "mock" debate with the big bloviator himself Bill O'Reilly. PBS has brought a little slice of education and culture to so many and especially to those who have no other means of recieving any. Public broadcasting is a big part of American history and our pop culture in which it's been formed. How dare he.


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"I, for one, cannot wait to see this."


From another Canadian: hear, hear.  I couldn't believe it when I read that Romney stated he would cut funding to PBS.  The US government already spends a pathetic amount of money on public broadcasting - if I recall correctly, it works out to something like about $1.50 per person - so cutting it is unbelievably stupid.  Hell, even Canada spends more on public broadcasting!


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