Review: Once Upon a Time (Season 2, Episode 7)

Child of the Moon

Annabelle Gish in Once Upon a Time (Season 2, Episode 7)This episode focused on Ruby's past and present adventures in lycanthropy. It is the first full moon since the magic was released in Storybrooke and her enchanted red cape is missing. Ruby is uncertain as to whether or not she will be able to control herself as a wolf since it has been twenty-eight years since she turned. Alan Dale (Lost, The Killing) reprised his role as King George who, in an attempt to ruin Charming's reputation, frames Ruby for murder. Annabelle Gish (Pretty Little Liars) guest starred as her mother, Anita, who taught Ruby to embrace her wolf heritage and not be ashamed of her hirsute counterpart.

A well-intentioned Snow accidently led the royal guards to their den and, in the process, one of the wolves was killed so Anita demands that she be sacrificed. Fortunately for Snow, it turns out that Ruby does not have the same thirst for blood and vengeance that her mother apparently did. While I find Ruby to be a likable character, overall, I felt this episode was more of a filler than anything else and the stories within it were rushed.

The Dwarves finally found the diamonds they had been mining for in order to grind them into magical dust, which activates Jefferson's hat. According to The Blue Fairy, the magic being unleashed brought them back. Initially I was uncertain as to why the diamonds would even exist in Storybrooke, rather than Fairytale Land, since it is mostly the characters who seem to be affected by the return of magic, not the landscape. However, considering the "border curse", it stands to reason that anything residing in Storybrooke has the potential to be touched by magic. The possibilities are seemingly endless. Of course, the fairy dust celebration was short-lived because they wrap up the episode with King George setting Jefferson's hat on fire, while Charming screams at the flames. It felt such like a cheap and unimaginative way to thwart an otherwise interesting scenario.

The AmuletThe most compelling part of this episode, for me, was when they addressed the mutual nightmare between Henry and Aurora. After Henry's hand was blistered from the fire, Regina brings him to Mr. Gold with the hope that he can stop Henry from entering the dream world. I enjoy the softness they have added to Regina. It seems like a very natural progression from her former 'wicked' self.

Rumpelstiltskin instead gives Henry an amulet (with a currently undisclosed liquid inside it), which he claims will allow Henry to control his dreams. I know they're desperate but since when did Henry start trusting Rumpelstiltskin, especially when he wanted nothing in return?

- Once Upon a Time

Written by: Kimberly1978VA
Nov 14th, 2012, 7:49 pm

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