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Burn Notice Preview - Weston Turns To The Dark Side For Help

Here's a Burn Notice alliance you probably thought you'd never see, Michael Weston, whose plight as a black-listed or 'burned' former secret agent is the basis of the show, will seek the assistance of Agent Fullerton, the very man who burned him, and - to add insult to injury - blackmailed Weston's girlfirend Fiona.  Think something like this could never happen?   Watch this clip and see for yourself.

What money, you say?  Well it turns out when Weston tried, unsuccessfully, to turn the tables on Fullerton (Jere Burns) he accidentally revealed one of the double crosser's off shore bank accounts, and now Fullerton if offering to give up his leverage on Weston and Fiona if Michael and crew can successfully get him the cash.  Along the way, Weston finds himself ensnared in a situation that only his arch-nemesis Fullerton can help with, much to the frustration of Fiona who would rather take Fullerton out of the equation completely.

Of course you could make that point that Fullerton is tagging along just to protect his investment, but that would violate the Burn Notice laws of story physics.  You can also be assured that Fullerton isn't looking for spy lessons.  Odds are Fullerton's interest will lead to a twist that none of us hardened Burn Notice fans will see coming.

On the other hand, Michael Weston (Jeffrey Donovan) is a master of duplicity himself and could be looking to exploit this situation to turn the tables on Fullerton and free himself and Fiona from the dirty deal that Fullerton has imposed on them. 

Burn Notice "Depth Perception" premieres tonight on the USA network at 10PM Est. Burn Notice stars     Jeffrey Donovan,  Gabrielle Anwar,  Bruce Campbell,  Sharon Gless, and  Jere Burns.  Burn Notice is currently in its fifth season and has already been renewed for a sixth.


- USA Network
- Jeffrey Donovan
- Gabrielle Anwar
- Bruce Campbell
- Burn Notice

Written by: jlachonis
Dec 1st, 2011, 3:38 am

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