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Watch Jack White's appearance on 'Portlandia'

While I've never been a very big fan of Fred Armisen's style of over-the-top, repetitive humor, there are still moments of genius to be found in his IFC series Portlandia, which focuses on the hippie/hipster lifestyle that is stereotypically prevalent in Portland, Oregon. Over the course of its two-season run, Portlandia has attracted a few major names that include St. Vincent, Eddie Vedder, and Sarah MacLachlan. When the series aired its winter special, "Winter in Portlandia" last Friday, though, it attracted what might be considered its biggest musical name yet: Jack White. 

The former White Stripes guitarist just happened to drop by in a sketch titled "The Studio," which featured Armisen playing yet another of his many characters who have a distinct lack of self-awareness. This character has spent years and plenty of money in building a 1960s-era recording studio, mostly made of equipment used in the recording of the Beach Boys album Pet Sounds. This is brought up multiple times. 

Armisen's character, however, just needs someone to record in the studio -- a big name musician. And then, just when he least expects it, Jack White appears, silently nodding his way through Armisen's excited babble about the type of amplifiers the studio has. It's a bit of Christmas magic, which you can watch below.


Portlandia will return with its third season January 4 on IFC. 

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Written by: mcpherson
Dec 17th, 2012, 7:23 am

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