Conservative radio host says 'Say Yes to the Dress' too nice to gays

Randy Fenoli Say Yes to the Dress

If I had to choose one stand-out consultant from Say Yes to the Dress that draws me to the show (I know, it is such a guilty pleasure though), it would have to be fashion director Randy Fenoli. Many of the brides to be on the bridal-shop show feel the same way – women looking for the perfect dress just cannot get enough of Randy Fenoli on Say Yes to the Dress and Monte Durham on Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta. However, a conservative radio host from The American Family Assosication feels that maybe the men’s over-exposure on television is not such a good thing.

Sandy Rios, of The American Family Association, recently said in a radio address that children have “heard nothing but positive things about homosexuality and its effects” due to shows such as Say Yes to the Dress, which prominently features gay individuals like Randy Fenoli. “We see the gay characters on the one in Atlanta and New York,” Rios said. “It has nothing to do with ‘like,’ but it is the face of the homosexual community that is painted with a positive brush, when those of us that have been involved in issues related to this know that there’s a very dark side, that this is not a good thing for people ultimately in their lives. It is a destructive force.”

Monte Durham Say Yes to the Dress: AtlantaFenoli, who is quite the hero to women looking to find their perfect gowns, released the following statement in response: “Hello Beautiful Sandy! Thank you so much for loving to watch Say Yes to the Dress!  I hope you appreciate that Say Yes to the Dress is a fun, positive, feel-good show that truly focuses on celebrating love! It’s about helping brides not only find their perfect wedding dress, but to elevate their self-confidence and empower them to find their inner beauty. I would love the opportunity to personally meet you so you can see how I follow the philosophy that we should all love a little more and judge a little less.”

Durham also responded to the radio host, by saying “I am proud to work with a company like TLC/Discovery that supports equality and diversity among all people. Say Yes to the Dress is not a show about sexuality; this show is about women who are celebrating a magical moment in their lives, and I am honored to be a part of that, with a company that allows me to be who I am.”

Well said, gentlemen.


- Say Yes To The Dress
- Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta
- Randy Fenoli
- Monte Durham

Written by: harrisr
Mar 28th, 2013, 3:20 am

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Message Posted On Jul 28th, 2014, 8:07 pm
Really...seriously!! American children sees violence, drugs, sexually explicit scenes, etc on TV everyday!! There's genocide, gang violence, government corruption, religious wars, diseases with no cures!! These things are way more detrimental to society than 2 men, who just happen to be gay, on a feel good bridal show!! These 2 men are not societies big problem. Small minded, greedy, uncaring people are!! JS

Message Posted On Apr 27th, 2014, 9:10 am
Sandy rios is absolutely correct about these "gays." There is nothing "gay" about living this sort of nightmare!
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