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Roger Ebert Places At The Movies On Hiatus

Roger Ebert has recently been updating readers of his blog with At The Movies plight, as they looked for funding. "Unless we find an angel," was the phrase he used when he wrote in his blog earlier this month, meaning that his iconic show was very close to disappearing by the end of the year.

The show was re-launched earlier this year with co-shost Christy Lemire and Igantiy Vishnevetsky and found distribution via public television in more that 90% of the U.S, with a dedicated and loyal fanbase.

However, Ebert and his wife have been paying for the show themselves and unfortunatly their wallets have now run dry and they are unable to continue to do so.

Despite interest from several financers, it has now been announced that the show has gone on indefinite hiatus until the end of December. Ebert continued to write in his blog that they are currently looking at different sponsors and crowd-funding sources but has been forced to take off the show off the air while they plan ahead for the shows future in the new year. Fingers crossed that the king of film criticism can return within a few months. 

- At the Movies (2011)
- Roger Ebert

Written by: heyzeus24
Dec 5th, 2011, 3:12 am

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