Tommy returns for 'Power Rangers' 20th Anniversary

With the 20th anniversary season of "Power Rangers" in full swing, plans are underway to make it the biggest, boldest adventure yet, and part of that is bringing back arguably the most popular Ranger of all time.

Jason David Frank

Jason David Frank, who portrayed Tommy Oliver on the action adventure series, has announced to fans on his Facebook account that he will be returning for the upcoming "Power Rangers: Megaforce" to reprise the role that made him a hero to kids the world over.

The actor confirmed his appearance with several photos from the set of the New Zealand production, including two showing him in his old Green Ranger costume. Another photo shows Frank wielding Saba, which fans of the series will recognize as the White Ranger's sword. He expressed excitement about returning to the role, teasing that ten other former cast members would also be returning to the series, stating that what his fans want his fans get. "I told my fans I'd do this [the Power Rangers reunion] for a dollar, and I mean that," he said.

Since leaving the series, Frank has embarked on other acting endeavors, such as the 2011 film "The One Warrior" and a brief but successful mixed martial arts career. Frank won his sole MMA bout, taking out his opponent in just 46 seconds with a rear naked choke.

Sound off, Power Rangers fans: What do you think about the return of the Green Ranger?

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Written by: kyleiam
May 30th, 2013, 8:22 am

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