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Friday Ratings: The Outlook for Fringe Looks Grim while Grimm Looks Good

Grimm on NBCThe ratings are in for good old TGIF and sadly, on Fox, Fringe is still on a steady decline with only 2.9m viewers, .9m in the 18-49 rating, a series low.  Also on Fox, The Finder also fell to a series low with 3.37m total viewers, .9m in the 18-49 rating.  Friday Night is not looking so foxy, at least not for Fox.

Grimm on NBC had a relatively large jump in ratings. It rose 3/10 from the previous week to 4.96m total viewers, 1.96m in the 18-49 rating.

On CBS Undercover Boss pulled in 7m total viewers, 1.7m in the 18-49 rating, and a slight decline for the show. 

The return of Shark tank on ABC pulled in 5.6m viewers, 1.6m in the 18-49 rating, a solid reemergence from reruns.  

For Friday night shows in the 18-49 rating, all in all a good run.  The big question though, will Fringe be back? 

Source (TvByTheNumbers)

- Josh Jackson
- Grimm
- The Finder
- Undercover Boss
- Fringe

Written by: kate13
Apr 15th, 2012, 1:01 am

Abraham Le'i

Message Posted On Apr 19th, 2012, 8:12 am
The fate of Fringe and other great series that have been and will be cancelled is due only to their ratings drop. It's a sad indicator that the mass of viewers would rather watch mindless reality shows such as Survivor or Undercover Boss, which only offers scripted drama, than invest in complex characters like the Bishops and Agent Dunham. In my opinion, Fringe parallels X-Files and just about any other sci-fi series that was garnered as a hit show in story content and character development. The only difference is the diversity of viewers. I guess it is easier to follow unintelligible shows like X-Factor and American Idol, which offer the same questions, decisions, and cliffhangers episode after episode, season after season. If this, the 4th season, is in fact the last, I hope that they'll at least be able to go out with a bang by transitioning it into a movie that can offer those of us who do appreciate it some closure to the journey that WB, PB, OD, and their alternates have taken us on.

Message Posted On Apr 15th, 2012, 11:36 am
it is hard to say for me, cause i love fringe!, but, i dont think the show will be back, i really hope i'm wrong
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