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Joshua Jackson

Hey there! Welcome to the world of Canadian television! As one of the resident Canucks here at TVRage, I have taken it upon myself to educate the TV-loving masses on the sheer talent and number of fantastic Canadian actors and actresses that are infiltrating your living rooms. Here in the land of beavers, maple syrup and hockey, we take a lot of pride in the accomplishments of our home grown talents. I hope that each week I can surprise you with some very famous people you had no idea were from the true north, strong and free! It’s the invading moose!

This week I am falling back into old habits and becoming the giddy teenage fan-girl that I once was for this Canadian actor. I can't help it if I hear the name "Joshua Jackson" and immediately revert back to my 13 year old self, can I? Those of you who also went through the awkward and painful pre-teen years while 'Dawson's Creek' was on TV cannot deny that the love triangle between Dawson, Joey and Pacey made them fall a little bit in love with Joshua Jackson. It has been ten years since that show went off the air, and Jackson has only made me love him more for not only his good looks, but his superb acting talents. Let's take a closer look at this Canadian's journey from small-home town roots to worldwide fame.

Joshua Jackson as a kid

Joshua Jackson was born on June 11, 1978 in Vancouver, British Columbia, to Fiona and John Carter Jackson. His mother was a casting director, and so Jackson spent the first eight years of his life growing up in California. When he was eight years old, his parents split and he moved with his mother and his sister back to his home-town of Vancouver. Jackson did not have the most positive attitude when it came to his schooling, often skipping morning classes because he had stayed up too late the night before watching 'The Jon Stewart Show.' When Jackson turned 13 he got his first role in a film called 'Crooked Hearts,' but it wasn't until he was 14 that he landed the role that essentially started his career on the right path.

Joshua Jackson in The Mighty Ducks

'The Mighty Ducks': is there any other kids sports movie that has such a loyal fan base to this very day? I am not sure what it is about this movie that was so great when we were kids, but it must have been something special, because it included a stellar cast of people like Emilio Estevez as the coach, Joshua Jackson as the star player and - - uhh - - okay so there aren't that many famous people to come from this film. The film went on to become a trilogy, and turned Jackson into a heartthrob for young girls everywhere. After 'The Mighty Ducks' franchise, Jackson went on to have a few parts in TV movies like 'Robin of Locksley' and series' such as 'The Outer Limits.'

Joshua Jackson as Pacey WitterIn 1998 Jackson landed the role of fumbling, bumbling, completely adorable and also completely oblivious, Pacey Witter on teenage-drama series 'Dawson's Creek.' His character had a horrible haircut, horrible fashion and horrible timing -- but for some reason we loved him anyway. There is something about rooting for the underdog and watching him win that is so unbelievably satisfying. You know what else is satisfying? Watching Jackson transform from a geeky and awkward looking goof into a dreamy, grown up man with beautiful blue eyes. Did I get off track there? 'Dawson's Creek' gave Jackson the opportunity to show off his versatility as an actor at a young age. He was able to pull of the complicated character of Pacey Witter and make it totally believable. This role might not be his best work to date, but it sold me as a lifelong fan of this Canadian man.

Joshua Jackson in a hockey jerseyJackson's foray into fame and his struggle to get through his teen years in the limelight did not come without its share of controversy. He says he was "a troubled teen, as they say. I was drinking - not smoking pot so much as was the easy choice in Vancouver and I was supposed to be a rebel - but I was angry and mixed-up and there was only one parent in my family, so there were those issues that go along with abandonment and all the rest of it." In 2002, Jackson was arrested at a hockey game for quarrelling with a security guard. His blood alcohol level was over the limit and he was dismissed of the assault charge under the condition that he entered himself into an alcohol education program and performed 24 hours of community service. Jackson has since cleaned up his act and is more than a model citizen. For arguments sake though, what grown Canadian male hasn't gotten into a drunken brawl over a hockey game? It is almost like a right of passage.

Joshua Jackson as Peter Bishop on FringeFollowing the success of 'Dawson's Creek,' Jackson focused almost solely on developing his career in films, with some of his more notable roles including Ben in 'Shutter' and Ben in 'One Week.' Is there something he really likes about the name Ben? In 2008, Jackson was cast in the role of Peter Bishop in the new science-fiction drama 'Fringe.' I remember watching the pilot with my family and not really knowing what to think about it. What was obvious from the beginning, however, was that Jackson was born to play this role. He brought just the right attitude, talent and comedic timing needed to help make his role and 'Fringe' into the huge success that it was. In it's five year run 'Fringe' was nominated for 27 awards, winning a total of seven. Jackson has said that is experience working with co-star John Noble on 'Fringe' (which, incidentally, shot its final two seasons in Vancouver) made him a better actor and a better person.

So what is next for this Canadian co-star turned leading man? Earlier today it was announced that Jackson has been cast in the leading role in the upcoming Showtime drama pilot 'The Affair.' In a huge change of pace, Jackson will be playing a rough and tough cowboy named Cole. This will be Jackson's first role since 'Fringe' went off the air in January, and I can't wait to see how he tackles this challenge and new character in his own way.

Thanks for stopping by for this weeks Canada, Eh?! I am off to go tie my dog up to her sled, or maybe even get in a brawl over hockey.

*Correction:  As stated above, 'Fringe' did end up filming in Vancouver, but rather than its final two seasons, it actually filmed four seasons in Canada. It's first season was shot in New York City.


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Written by: harrisr
Aug 26th, 2013, 6:38 pm


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number of fantastic Canadian actors

While one is a number to some, miss canuk, a bit better framing or linkification would have been nicer.


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Dominic West is great in anything, so even though it's not really "my genre" I'd watch it anyway :)


Didn't think Joshua Jackson did that well in Fringe last, although it's arguably hard in the shadow of John Noble, but he seems quite suitable for this role in The Affair, so wishing him the best of luck with it :)


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This role looks really interesting for him. Hopefully it will get picked up as the cast is awesome and with writers from in treatment, it has the potential to be great. So, really looking forward to it.

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First fell in love with him in 'Mighty Ducks' and continued to love him even more in 'Urban Legends,' 'The Skulls' and of course his huge "roles" in 'Scream 2' and 'Ocean's Eleven'!

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