Ziva David Says Shalom: Did Her ‘NCIS’ Farewell Hit the Mark? [SPOILERS]


Ziva David Says Shalom: Did Her ‘NCIS’ Farewell Hit the Mark? [SPOILERS]


Just moments ago not only did Cote de Pablo make her final -- for now -- appearance on ‘NCIS,’ but she also said goodbye to her character, Ziva David, her fabulous cast and her TV relationship with Michael Weatherly.

For months, I’ve been dreading this moment. Funnily enough, when Ziva made her first appearance on the show, I was not a fan. Actually, I disliked her very much. I didn’t understand why the show was adding this Mossad liaison character to a team, who after two seasons, had been through a heart-wrenching ordeal: Kate’s death (who, admittedly, I didn’t care for either). What was this Ziva person going to add to a show where Gibbs, Tony, McGee, Ducky and Abby could handle everything by themselves?

Then, magically, and out of nowhere, she stole my heart and became one of my favorite characters. From her idiomatic blunders to her badass cop skills to her chemistry with Tony, Ziva burrowed her way into my top TV character list. We saw Ziva grow from this plain-Jane Mossad agent into an even more experienced, refined and tough as nails NCIS agent, and to hear she would not continue with the show put a dagger through my heart. As upset as fans are, this also affected the ‘NCIS’ stars, especially Weatherly. A few days ago he tweeted, “Hi. This is the moment where I get a little emotional-2 days until the episode-I haven't been this out of sorts since season 3. EPIC.” It’s nice to know we ‘NCIS’ fans aren’t alone, and Ziva/Cote will be missed by her co-workers too.

For eight seasons, de Pablo transformed Ziva into one of the most beloved characters (for some) on television. She will always hold a special place in my heart, and I refuse to believe that she won’t return, especially when the series ends (whenever that may be), to wrap up Ziva and Tony’s storyline.

So, let’s get to her final farewell. Just how did Ziva say goodbye? For those who have yet to view the episode, titled “Past, Present, and Future,” spoilers are ahead.

Tony travels to find/protect/be with Ziva in Israel. After months, he finds her, but doesn’t disclose this or her location to Gibbs and McGee. Without getting bogged down with too many details, Ziva decided it was time for her to move on and put her past behind her. Tony tried hard to get Ziva to come home with him, and it’s pretty heartbreaking to see Tony with tear-filled eyes beg Ziva by softly uttering, “I know it’s hard, and I know you want to change. I can change with you.” He then added, while their foreheads rested against each other, “I’m fighting for you, Ziva.”

Sadly, but expectedly, Ziva took Tony to the airport, where she declared, “Tony, you are so...loved.” Then, finally, Tiva kissed. It wasn’t a simple farewell kiss, but it was a passionate “I care about you and love you” kiss that Tiva fans have been waiting eight seasons for.

It’s only fitting that Ziva’s last scene was with Tony; after all, that’s how her ‘NCIS’ arc began.

Despite Ziva not appearing in the Season 11 premiere, these Tiva moments made up for that loss. The passion, the heart, the love and the emotion felt in each moment was everything I could have hoped for and more.

Oh, and don’t worry, at the very end Ziva did call Gibbs, who was visibly upset to lose one of his favorite agents.

I have to agree with Tony and say that episode was “the hardest 180 of my life.”

- Cote de Pablo
- Michael Weatherly

Written by: akoerner
Oct 1st, 2013, 6:31 pm

Images courtesy of Sonja Flemming/CBS


Message Posted On Dec 26th, 2013, 8:47 pm
I didn't like it at all. Ziva deserves to be appreciated as she took care of each member of the team, but the team left her alone .... Not Tony he seeks for her because HE cares but no one else cares. I'm still so disappointed with all the team except for Tony because it was nobody knew Ziva. She almost died and she could be in danger but the team just abandoned her and that's so sad ! Ziva is an AMERICAN CITIZEN but living in ISRAEL ????! Then she was betrayed by Mossad, NCIS and her beloved family ( Gibs, Aby, MacGee,Ducky ) only Tony tried and GIBS didn't supported him, He didn't care if ZIVA may be in danger so .... This is just another American show were loyalty no matter at all. Shame on you !

Message Posted On Oct 21st, 2013, 7:15 pm
I could not be happier that she's finally gone. Should've been left in Israel way back then... She was like this constant (slowly killing poison)thorn in the skin which as the time went on, was only getting more and more irritating, and no amount of scratching helped, until there was only hate left. also strangely enough, she makes me think of this twisted, dark, celf centered, 'i'm the star here so my way is the only way', abusive(not good with someone like tony, with obvious abusive past), wannabe mary-sue character. not to mention so utterly unoriginal and uninteresting. and i felt nothing towards the actress, but lately the more i learn about her, the less i like her as well...she and her little zivers(fans) get along nicely though. /shot by the crazy ziva/tiva zombfans.

Message Posted On Oct 5th, 2013, 6:09 pm
what did gibbs say to ziva on the phone

Message Posted On Oct 4th, 2013, 7:58 am
You're the first reviewer to express exactly what I felt after viewing Cote's final (for now) episode. Have loved her character from the very beginning, not only because of her relationship with Tony, but especially with Gibbs. I thought it was a terrific way to wrap it up. In fact, I saw it again on my computer the next day and it resonated more deeply. Well done Mr. Glasber!

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Message Posted On Oct 2nd, 2013, 5:14 pm

Unfortunately, I have to agree and whatever excuses can be made the arc of these two episodes just didn't ring true. As a matter of fact I found the final scene with Gibbs the most emotionally true of the entire arc. This is the first time in a long time NCIS has let me down.


Message Posted On Oct 2nd, 2013, 12:00 pm
I for one-say should have killed her off that's all im saying

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Message Posted On Oct 1st, 2013, 10:05 pm

I know they had to rewrite these two episodes and only had a short time to do it, but this was less emotional then when she left to join Massad!! At least then we knew she was coming back... If I didn't know she wasn't coming back, I would have expected her back in 3-4 episodes. For the characters, they can keep in touch with her all they want, email, text, phone calls even Skype... It's us the viewers/fans that are not going to see her again. All and all these two episodes were a big let down.


Message Posted On Oct 1st, 2013, 6:42 pm
After 8 wonderful years, this was a very lame and out-of-character finale. I'm so disappointed and mad that I can't even feel sad. She's one of my favorite characters and I am a total TIVA Shipper. This ep (minus the great banter between Fornel and Gibbs) was a big Fail.
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