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Boo Who? See If You Can Name These Halloween-Clad TV Characters

Halloween is just around the corner, which means binge eating on junk food, carving pumpkins, and watching 'Hocus Pocus' on repeat (at least that's how it goes down at my house). But it's also the time to once again enjoy watching (and re-watching) those beloved Halloween-themed TV episodes, both old and new.
Nothing beats seeing our favorite characters donning hilarious -- and sometimes uniquely creative -- costumes for All Hallow's Eve, which is why I thought it'd be fun to test your knowledge with a spooktacular Halloween trick of my very own. Check out the photos below and see if you can not only tell what show the images are from, but also which characters are actually being showcased.
When you're done, be sure to check out our answer key on the next page and please feel free to share your scores in the comments section. We'd love to hear how you do. Happy haunting...I mean, hunting!
Schmidt the Civil Serpent thinks you're ready.

Schmidt as the Civil Serpent on New Girl

1. Which hilarious Halloween duo portrayed Deadger Bergen and his dummy, Mortuary Snerd? Extra hint: there was also singing!

Roseanne and Dan Conner for Halloween on Roseanne

2. Who's suffering from a splitting headache?

Kenneth for Halloween on 30 Rock

3. Who's having a (Rocky) Horrifying night?

Kurt in Rocky Horror Picture Show on Glee

4. Who is this mighty Samurai Warrior?

Stanley for Halloween on The Office

5. What on-screen couple is rocking a Bea Arthur/Zombie ensemble?

Nick and Jess as Bea Arthur and a zombie on New Girl

6. Oh look, it's Lolo Jones and Rosie the Riveter! Or is it???

Ann Perkins and Leslie Knope for Halloween on Parks and Recreation

7. Whose spidey senses are tingling? Or in this case...tinkling?

Mitchell as Spiderman on Modern Family

8. Who could that spud be?

Ross Geller for Halloween on Friends

9. What's your vote regarding this ballot's identity?

Ted Mosby as a ballot on How I Met Your Mother

10. Who's dressed as this hilarious mother and baby?

Penny and Max for Halloween on Happy Endings

11. Can you name who's in this Pretty Girl costume?

Adelaide as a pretty girl on American Horror Story

12. Any idea who this urinal could pee be?

Morgan as a urinal on The Mindy Project

13. Who seems to be feeling a little blue?

Howard and Bernadette as smurfs on The Big Bang Theory

14. And finally...name those Three Stooges!

Joey, Jesse, and Danny as the Three Stooges on Full House

So how do you think you did? Click over to the next page to find out and see all the answers!
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So awesome. Thanks for posting. :)