5 Times Matt Smith Made Us Laugh on 'Doctor Who'


5 Times Matt Smith Made Us Laugh On 'Doctor Who'


As Matt Smith's time as the Eleventh Doctor draws to a close, let's take a look back at some of his most ridiculous and hilarious moments over the last three seasons of 'Doctor Who.'

5. "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" - Like a kid in a candy store...full of dinosaurs.

Matt Smith's Doctor loves dinosaurs on 'Doctor Who'

The Doctor is truly just a giant child at heart, and nowhere was this more clear than in the Season 7 episode “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship.” Most people might be slightly concerned to find themselves stuck on a strange spaceship with a bunch of dinosaurs, but oh no, not the Doctor. He’s as excited as if they were a bunch of puppies. And even when he, Rory, and Rory’s dad are in danger, the Doctor’s solution is to ride a dinosaur out of the fray. He just hops onto the back of a triceratops, like it’s a normal thing to do, and then wonders how to “start” the thing. This type of childlike silliness is one of Matt Smith’s greatest strengths, and it will be sorely missed come his Christmas departure.

 4. "The Big Bang" - The Fez

Matt Smith's Doctor makes fezzes cool

Ah, the iconic fez. No one but the Doctor could make fezzes cool. Well, maybe they still aren’t cool, but they are to him, at least. Introduced as a method of clarifying all the time-hopping the Doctor does in this episode, the fez was a big hit with the Doctor and the fans. The Doctor is so impressed with himself for selecting the fez as his new trademark, and is insistent that he will make it work. In the face of many an argument from his companions, (including River literally shooting the fez to put it out of its misery), he has stuck by the fez, even sharing it with his previous incarnations in the 50th Anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor.” He has changed the way we look at fezzes forever, and no Whovian will be able to resist getting a little smile on their face at the mere mention or glimpse of a fez.

3. "The Eleventh Hour" – Amelia Pond, 12 years later

Matt Smith's Doctor argues with Amy Pond in 'Doctor Who'

Amy Pond met the Doctor when she was only seven years old, and was immediately entranced with him. He came into her boring, lonely, life, and was silly and exciting and different. Too bad he left her, promising to be back in five minutes, and ended up making her wait 12 years. The ensuing fallout of the Doctor coming to realize that this sexy kiss-o-gram is, in fact, his little Amelia Pond, and that he has left her waiting for 12 (err…make that 14) years, is hilarious. The chemistry between Matt Smith and Karen Gillan was magical from the start, and you knew right from the get-go that it was going to be a hilarious adventure with these two.

2. "The Lodger" and "Closing Time" – Roomies and Babies

Matt Smith's Doctor brings laughs in 'Doctor Who'

It is always amusing when the Doctor has to pretend to be human. He looks the part, but he can just never quite get it right. His rooming experience with Craig was a great example of this. From paying for his room with a paper bag full of cash, to faking his way through a football discussion, to building a scanner out of household odds and ends in his bedroom, Craig certainly found himself with an unconventional roommate. But it all worked out in the end for stuck-in-his-ways Craig, who ended up with a new friend, some new adventures, some secret Time Lord knowledge, and, best of all, the girl!

But "The Lodger" is not the last Craig would see of the Doctor. In “Closing Time,” we revisit Craig and Sophie, now married with a little one named Alfie, who prefers to be called Stormageddon. We know that Alfie prefers to be called Stormageddon, because the Doctor speaks Baby, of course. Poor Craig is struggling in his first weekend without Sophie to help him with the baby, but then the Doctor swoops in, speaking Baby, and understanding everything Stormy’s trying to tell Craig with his wails. Seeing Matt Smith’s doctor, the giant child/old man, interacting with and mentoring little Stormy is a real highlight. Plus, he really amped up Stormy’s nighttime star projection to make it a little more accurate and awesome.

1. “The Big Bang” – The Drunk Giraffe Dance

Matt Smith invents the drunk giraffe dance in 'Doctor Who'

The Doctor has always been an…interesting dancer, but never has his dancing been showcased in such a spectacular way like at Amy and Rory’s wedding reception. The script merely stated that the Doctor dances like a drunk giraffe, but Matt Smith took that note and ran with it. No one else could have so accurately portrayed the physicality of a drunken giraffe through the majesty of dance the way Smith has done here. With his flailing arms at their flail-iest, he even developed a crowd of child fans, hopefully the start of a new dance craze. He certainly made an impression at that reception, which is appropriate, since he only came for the dancing, after all.

Stay tuned for our much sadder companion article: "5 Times Matt Smith Made Us Cry on 'Doctor Who.'"

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