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I Wanna Be BFFs With...Kalinda Sharma


I Wanna Be BFFs With Kalinda Sharma


We all have one. That one TV character who you would totally kick it with if they were, well, real. I’m talking about the TV BFF. Our sitcom soulmate. Our cable series compadre. I happen to be a very choosy individual, so I can’t just pick one TV BFF, hence the reason why I created this column in which I will break down the pros and cons of every TV character that I imagine would be the perfect pal to tell all my secrets to while sipping cocktails at our fave watering hole. That one person who could tell me that I have spinach stuck in my teeth, and I know she’s doing it because she loves me and not because she’s being a jerk.

This week’s BFF: Kalinda Sharma.

I was late to the game when it came to watching ‘The Good Wife.’ I had heard many good things about the legal drama, so when the series dropped on Netflix, I basically dropped everything I was doing and caught up on the past four seasons in record time. The writing and acting lived up to all the hype (an exceptional and rare feat) and though I appreciate all the quirks and flaws of all of the tremendously complicated characters, I knew instantly who I would want to hang out with IRL: Kalinda Sharma, Lockhart/Gardner’s in-house investigator. She’s tough, she’s cool, she’s mysterious; she’s everything I want to be. So, obviously, I wanna be her BFF.


She’s a Tough Cookie

 Kalinda Sharma is a tough cookie

Kalinda is one of those women who abides by the "Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That" attitude. If she wants information about a client, she’ll get it. If you’re bugging her, she’ll let you know it. If she wants a raise, she’s going to get that, too. Her array of weaponry -- baseball bat, sledgehammer, guns --  is not only impressive, but the way she handles each armament with such aplomb is downright badass.

She’s an Awesome Drinking Buddy

Kalinda is a good drinking buddy 

When it comes to drinking, Kalinda’s pretty much down for anything: tequila, wine, beer, vodka, etc. You name it, she’ll drink it. She’s also one of those great listeners, who actually just listens without having to interrupt and offer you their opinion, so she’s the perfect person for unloading drunken burdens/secrets to. She also likes to get the party started. I mean, it said a lot about her when she finally convinced “good wife/girl” Alicia to finally drop some shots of Cuervo after work. At first, it seemed a bit calculating, but really Kalinda just wants her friends to unwind and have fun. That’s what friends are for, right?

She’s Got Kickass Style

 Kalinda has kickass style

Save for the pilot (when she wore jeans), Kalinda has a pretty rockin’ uniform: a fierce leather jacket, a fitted blouse, tight skirt and thigh high boots. Oh, and extremely cool shades. She’s sexy without baring cleavage (and her skirt length is never mini) and she also exudes confidence. You know Kalinda isn’t wearing clothes to get noticed; she’s wearing them because she thinks they’re fashionable. If she turns a few heads, so be it. So, obviously as her BFF, I would totally raid her closet.


She Has Trust Issues

 Kalinda has trust issues

Kalinda’s a super private person. There’s nothing wrong with such a trait… except when her intense privacy actually translates into her guarding very important secrets (like, say, sleeping with your best friend’s husband). Oh yeah, and she also has a double life. It’s understandable when you have a douchebag for an ex-husband (more about him later), but when the trust issues cause you to sabotage your friendships (whether purposefully or not), then we have a problem. But, as we know, Kalinda’s working on it, so I’ll give her props for that.

Her Ex-Husband

Kalinda's ex husband 

We all have baggage. And, really, friends should stick by friends through thick and thin, which should include when your best friend’s jerky, not to mention abusive, ex waltzes back into her life. I really wanted to stick by Kalinda and help her through the ugliness that is Nick, but, honestly, he completely ruined the first half of Season 4 for me. Besides that, Kalinda knows what a dirtbag he is, but still maintained a (short) relationship with him. I couldn’t wrap my head around that one, but I guess the heart wants what it wants and you just have to stand by and wait for your friend to figure it out for herself (or just murder him?).

'The Good Wife' returns to CBS on March 9 at 10/9c.  

- Archie Panjabi
- The Good Wife

Written by: briannehogan
Feb 10th, 2014, 3:08 am

Images courtesy of CBS


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And another crappy article. What is it a weak entertainment week? Sadly both bad stories are from female regulars. Are TPTB pawning off the garbage to the chicks, or are the women writers truly lacking depth? Pretty sad either way.
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