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Aaron Paul in 'Serious Talks' to Star in 'Better Call Saul'


Aaron Paul in 'Serious Talks' to Star in 'Better Call Saul'


Fantastic news for all 'Breaking Bad' fans. According the The Associated Press, Aaron Paul has said that he is in "serious talks" with the show creator Vince Gilligan to appear in 'Better Call Saul,' the upcoming 'Breaking Bad' spin-off.

Aaron Paul, known best for his portrayal of the lovable, yet troubled Jesse Pinkman on 'Breaking Bad,' was promoting his upcoming action film 'Need for Speed,' when Jesse Pinkman came up in the conversation.

Paul said, "Anything Vince is involved with, I'm there." He elaborated, "I owe him my entire career. And the idea of jumping into the skin of Jesse Pinkman again in his lighter days -- because it's all a prequel - - it would be fun."

According to Paul, in an interview with Details, cast members of 'Breaking Bad' are ready to contribute to 'Better Call Saul.' He said, "Both Bryan [Cranston] and I want to be a part of that, if they'll have us."

Thus far, there have only been two confirmed characters returning to ‘Better Call Saul.’ Private fixer Michael “Mike” Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) is slated to be a series regular, and, of course, Bob Odenkirk will be returning as Saul Goodman.

It is also official that Dean Norris, who played Walter White's brother-in-law and DEA agent Hank Schrader will not join the spin-off. As Norris said in an interview earlier this week, "I think that experience was that experience. I'm not a big fan of kind of revisiting something that has already been done. But I think it's going to be awesome. So I can't wait to see it."

We can only hope that Vince Gilligan listens to Saul’s motto of “better safe than sorry,” when it comes to casting Aaron Paul as a series regular.

‘Better Call Saul’ is scheduled to premiere in November on AMC.

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Written by: emertus
Mar 2nd, 2014, 2:35 am

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Message Posted On Mar 4th, 2014, 10:50 pm
Actually Jesse referred Walter to Saul, can't quite remember if the show elaborated on how he knew Saul. From what I remember it seems plausible enough for a prequel

Level 1 (48%)
Since: 02/Apr/13
Message Posted On Mar 3rd, 2014, 9:31 am

Shame this prequel is even coming about,it cant surely ever come anywhere near BB so why bother trying lets have new content please.


Message Posted On Mar 3rd, 2014, 7:32 am
"There is no reason on earth why Saul should have met Jesse before breaking bad", Jesus dude how clueless can you be. Saul is a CRIMINAL DEFENSE attorney. Pinkman was a LOW LEVEL CRIMINAL DOPE FIEND. Odds are if Saul was cheap enough Jesse would have used his services. Possibly one of the reasons for the rift with his parents. Did you spend any time actually listening to the show?

Message Posted On Mar 3rd, 2014, 6:43 am
Every pre,or sequel wheels in characters from before. I work in an office and never met any one who works there. Give the story to hollwood and 10 years before I started work I was best mates with someone who also works there. There is no reason on earth why Saul should have met Jesse before breaking bad. It is just the same old formula from Hollywood. Take Die hard, J Mc met that fat cop for the 1st time. In the next film for no reason he phones him up so he can make a cameo. It's GARBAGE and unrealistic.

Message Posted On Mar 3rd, 2014, 2:23 am
seems a bit desperate for Paul... I'm sure he can pick a better job out there, than do YO...BITCH! for a living, no? or at least I hope so for his sake... BITCH!!

Message Posted On Mar 2nd, 2014, 9:08 pm
"Imagine a prequel of your own life", so your parents lives? Prequel would predate your own life. Sequel would coincide. BCS would actually include these roles before and during the BB timeline. That is if it is done correctly. Saul was a dirtbag attorney before he met Walter, and Jesse was a lowlife, not hard to see their paths cross before cooking.

Message Posted On Mar 2nd, 2014, 7:39 pm
Imagine a prequel of your own life. how long have you know the people around you? All your life? I doubt it. Why then in prequels does everyone know everyone they knew in the real program. It's the same shit with sequels, stars dropping in for no reason just because they were there before. Please Hollywood try to make realistic shows. You meet people in life mix for a few years then NEVER see them again.
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