ABC Teaming With Univision To Create English-Language News Network Targeted At Latinos

ABC News

Today in "I'm surprised it took them this long" news, is reporting that ABC and Spanish-language network Univision are collaborating to create a English-language news channel focusing on the Latino lifestyle and issues effecting the American Latino community.

This type of network makes perfect sense, as hispanics are the fastest growing segment of the American population, with the Latino subset accounting for about a quarter of hispanic America. It's fast becoming well known just how much of an influence the Latino vote will have in the upcoming Presidential elections as both sides go out of their way to cater to the Spanish-speaking population. The new network has yet to be officially named, but despite it's billing, the channel is expected to offer "lifestyle and entertainment" programming in addition to its hard news division. So, pretty much like every other current cable news channel, eh?

ABC isn't the only fish jumping into the Latino pond though, as this story follows the recent Comcast announcement that they plan to create the English-language Latino based network El Rey, to be headed up famed director Robert Rodriguez. It looks like the competition for this emerging demographic is shaping up to be quite fierce.Univision

When asked about why ABC is taking this step, ABC News President Ben Sherwood had this simple sentiment - "It’s not the future of America. It’s the present of America.” It's hard to disagree. The new network will begin posting online content this summer, and is eyeing a 2013 TV debut.

Do you agree with ABC & Univision's decision to create this new network? Or will it flop spectacularly?


Written by: msd85
May 8th, 2012, 5:40 am

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