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Primetime Ratings, Monday, 3/31/14


How I Met Your Mother


NBC won Monday in all measures, despite a close second place showing from CBS.

'The Voice' yo-yoed back down three tenths to a 3.4, tying the reality competition program's previous season low. Lead-out 'The Blacklist' matched last week's 2.8, remaining easily the most stable of any freshman network drama.

The instantly controversial one-hour series finale of 'How I Met Your Mother' predictably shot up into the stratosphere, rising almost two whole points to a 5.4 demo and bringing in a total audience of over 13 million viewers. That represents an all-time series high in both respects.

The series premiere of new ensemble comedy 'Friends with Better Lives' earned a 2.6 demo, and just over 7.6 million total viewers. Those numbers aren't bad at all on the surface, and fellow CBS comedy 'The Millers' earned a renewal with similar stats.

The problem is that next time 'FwBL' won't have the luxury of airing after 'HIMYM's finale, and will likely suffer because of it. The Eye also made the bone-headed decision of preempting the show next week, in favor of a 'Big Bang' rerun followed by March Madness basketball.

Moving on, 'Mom' continued CBS' positive trend by rising three tenths to a 2.2, the freshman sitcom's highest rating since early February. Doomed drama 'Intelligence' even rose, albeit only to a 1.2. That was its finale by the way, leaving Josh Holloway to find a more successful show to appear on.

Now for the rest of the night's offerings. ABC's 'Dancing with the Stars' matched last Monday's 2.3. 'Bones' bumped up a tenth to a 1.5 for FOX, while 'The Following' maintained the 1.4 it's earned the last several weeks. If nothing else, at least the Kevin Bacon drama seems to have hit a ratings floor. The CW had a very slightly up night, with 'Star-Crossed' rising to a 0.4, and 'The Tomorrow People' increasing to a 0.5. Both are still locks for the ax though.

Key: Broadcast Network - Show Name - 18-49 Rating - 18-49 Share - Total Viewers In Millions


CBS - How I Met Your Mother (Series Finale) - 5.4 - 16 - 13.13

NBC - The Voice (N) - 3.4 - 10 - 12.28

ABC - Dancing with the Stars (N) - 2.3 - 6 - 14.10

FOX - Bones (N) - 1.5 - 4 - 5.72

CW - Star-Crossed (N) - 0.4 - 1 - 1.04


CBS - Friends with Better Lives (Series Premiere) - 2.6 - 7 - 7.63

FOX - The Following (N) - 1.4 - 4 - 4.17

CW - The Tomorrow People (N) - 0.5 - 1 - 1.10


CBS - Mom (N) - 2.2 - 6 - 7.27


NBC - The Blacklist (N) - 2.8 - 8 - 11.39

CBS - Intelligence (Season Finale) - 1.2 - 3 - 5.55

ABC - Castle (R) - 1.1 - 3 - 7.45

Source: Nielsen Media Research


The five main factors I consider when making a prediction are thus:

1. Does the show win its timeslot, and how often? (CW shows are exempt from this criteria.)

2. How do the show's ratings compare to similar programs on the same network? (Self explanatory.)

3. How long has the show been on the air? (Veteran series are always more likely to get renewed.)

4. Does the show have any high-profile leads? (Never discount star power.)

5. How much does the show cost to make? (Approximately, exact TV budgets are hard to come by.)

Newly updated predictions are in bold.


Castle - Likely Renewal


2 Broke Girls - Guaranteed Renewal Renewed 3/13/14 *Correct Prediction

Friends with Better Lives - Too Soon to Tell

Mike & Molly - Likely Renewal Renewed 3/13/14 *Correct Prediction

Mom - Likely Cancellation Renewed 3/13/14 *Incorrect Prediction

Intelligence - Guaranteed Cancellation

The CW

Star-Crossed - Guaranteed Cancellation

Beauty and the Beast - Guaranteed Cancellation

The Tomorrow People - Guaranteed Cancellation


Bones - Already Renewed

Almost Human - Likely Cancellation

The Following - Likely Cancellation Renewed 3/7/14 *Incorrect Prediction


The Blacklist - Already Renewed

Prediction Stats

Shows correctly predicted (so far) - 22
ABC - Mind Games, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
CBS - 2 Broke Girls, The Big Bang Theory, Blue Bloods, Criminal Minds, CSI, Elementary, The Good Wife, Hawaii Five-0, The Millers, NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Person of Interest, Two and a Half Men
FOX - Brooklyn Nine-Nine, New Girl, Raising Hope
NBC - Chicago Fire, Chicago P.D., Grimm, Parks and Recreation

Shows incorrectly predicted (so far) - 3 - The Following, The Mindy Project, Mom

Current accuracy rate: 88%

- CW

Written by: msd85
Apr 1st, 2014, 7:22 am

Images courtesy of CBS


Level 2 (72%)
Since: 02/Mar/10
Message Posted On Apr 1st, 2014, 12:23 pm

Not to defend the networks, but the logic to air FwBL was to air it as a teaser episode (a preview of things to come, like some do after the Superbowl or release pilots online weeks -months?- in advance) to take advantage of HIMYM finale's spike - I don't know why they didn't schedule HIMYM so it would have finished mid April, after March madness, to properly take advantage of the spike. Then FwBL would be back to build up a bit for May sweeps. Who know how much difference one week makes.

Peter in Oz

Message Posted On Apr 1st, 2014, 10:41 am
FwBL made a good debut with James Van Der Beek developing his funny streak from Bitch #23. Bur, yes, I agree it is bone-headed to launch a new show and then make ppl wait for a few weeks to see the second episode. What is it with these US networks not giving the guy's shows a proper chance to find an audience? Bitch #23 was hacked about with episodes so out of order that it became impossible to watch. Now FwBL starts and immediately goes to a mini-break. We television viewers are getting pretty bloody sick of these min-breaks of a fortnight or so every month and a half. It is just bloody-minded ridiculousness on the part of the networks.
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