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Favorite TV-Shows. i tried putting them in order, but then no matter how I arranged the list, it always seemed like one of my favorite shows were at the bottom of the list. so it's in ca random order :P and if you see similarities on your favorite list, please give me suggestions of what to watch next :D Heroes Dexter Doctor Who Dead Like Me The Mentalist True Blood The Big Bang Theory Moonlight Arrested Development Merlin Psych Torchwood Eureka Weeds Reaper Kyle XY Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles Battlestar Galactica Flight of the Conchords Buffy The Vampire Slayer Supernatural The IT Crowd The Cleaner Fringe Sanctuary Pushing Daisies How I Met Your Mother Sons of Anarchy Eli Stone Chuck Smallville Angel Black Books Dark Angel Tru Calling Swingtown Undeclared Freaks and Geeks Wonderfalls Firefly X-files 90210 okay shows: Bones Fear Itself Two and a half men Charmed Roswell Avatar: The Last Airbender The 4400 30 Rock The Dead Zone Life on Mars On To Do list: Burn Notice The Sopranos The Wire Twin Peaks Damages Sliders Picking up again: Lost Prison Break


Timezone: Feb 7th, 2016, 8:07 am
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Real Name: Fred
Occupation: Music teacher, Drum Teacher, I run a kids club.
Hobbies & Interests: Tv-shows, music, hypnosis, graphic design
Favorite Singers/Music Bands: Pearl Jam, Dream Theater, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Newbroken, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Mad Season, Alice in Chains, Pieces of a Dream, James Brown, Aretha Franklin, Stone Temple Pilots, KT Tunstall, Rush, Flight of the Conchords,
Favorite Actors/Actresses: Zachary Quinto, Tobey Maguire, Steve Carell, Adrien Brody
Favorite Song: Pearl Jam - Better Man
Favorite Movies: Pulp Fiction
Favorite Movie Directors: Quentin Tarrantino, Judd Apatow, Jon Favreau
Favorite Books: Spawn Comics count, right?
Favorite Authors: Anne Rice
Favorite Quote/Idiom/Sentence: they're turning kids into slaves just to make cheaper sneakers. but what's the real cost? cus the sneakers don't seem that much cheaper. why are we still paying so much for sneakers when we get them made by little slave kids?
MSN Contact: yes please.
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