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I'm 29 and have Asperger Syndrome (AS)/High Functioning Autism (HFA). I was diagnosed on Tuesday, August 15, 2000. I'm also a saved (born again) Christian. I'm single and I don't feel comfortable having a romantic relationship with ANYONE (sorry). I really like making WebPages, web graphics & BackGrounds (using Paint Shop Pro AKA PSP), houses and floor plans (using Home Designer Suite 7.0 from Better Homes & Gardens) on my computer. I'm also typing a 7th Heaven fan fiction story (with help from other fans) and doing Genealogy on my Dad's side of my family. Other things I like to do, are bowling, camping, drawing, playing Nintendo (regular & super only), reading interesting stories, roller skating, swimming (if the water isn't cold), typing stories (with help from other people), and visiting other people's WebPages and signing their GuestBooks. I also collect Seraphim Angels. (Except, not really)

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8th Anniversary Blog -- posted on December 10, 2013
For the first time in my 8 year existence on TVRage, I didn't post my anniversary blog on time. Sadly, it had to be posted today. I didn't forget though, just was too busy to post one.

I don't feel that much connected to the site anymore. I am even Facebook friends with some of the people I speak to often, although I don't even contact them there.

I am 21 now, almost 22. I am about to graduate college in May and must figure out my life. Time has sure flown by. It's kind of awesome that TVRage has basically documented a good chunk of my life in a way.

I really miss the activeness of the forums. I think the rise of social media basically killed the forums, which is a shame.

Anyways, keeping it relatively short. I am not sure if anyone will see this. If you do, please message me and we can chat. Or add eachother on Facebook and stay in touch that way. Hope everyone is doing well. Comment >>

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