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Don't Say Anything About My Mom - Recap

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With Andrea voted off last week, it is down to Eddie, Sherri, Eric, Brenda, Cochran, and Dawn to make it to the end. With only 4 days left, the remaining survivors are reaching their breaking points.

Day 35

Eddie talks to Cochran and says that he might be the next to go. Cochran says that if Eddie is to win the immunity idol, then he would be safe. Brenda and Dawn talk and Brenda says that if Eddie wins immunity, then they should be voting off Cochran. Dawn is torn with the two alliances that she has made and doesn’t know what she is going to do. Eric is really tired of not having food and is really emotional. He attempts to climb a tree to get a coconut knowing that if he were to fall out of the tree, no one would fault him for leaving the game on an accident happening to him.

Eddie gets the tree mail and it is the Sprint Phone. They watch a video of their loved ones. Brenda’s Dad, Raymond, tells her that he loves her. Dawn’s Husband, David, tells her Happy Anniversary. Sherri’s Husband, Jared, tells her that the kids are great. Cochran’s mom, Arlene, says that she hopes that he is using sunscreen. Eddie’s dad, Edward, says that he is really proud of him. The last video is of Erik’s brother, Richard. He says that he is really great and they are proud of him. This makes Eric regain his positive attitude.

The tribe makes their way to the reward challenge and they get to hug their loved ones. They are told that they are going to have to get 3 rails and toss bolos. The first to get 3 ringed will win. They will get to have a barbecue with their loved ones. The survivors and their loved ones make good progress as they race to make it to the bolo toss. Brenda, Dawn and Sherrie are the final 3 in the race. After some tosses, Brenda and Raymond win. Jeff says that she has a choice to choose one other and she chooses Dawn. However, there is a big twist. Brenda can choose to go with Dawn and herself to have the barbecue, or choose to send the 4 other survivors to see more of their loved ones and give up both her time and Dawn’s. Brenda decides to give it up and give it to the others.

Eric, Cochran, Sherri and Eddie go to the boat with their loved ones and have a nice time. Cochran sees his dad and laughs that he is cooking hamburgers on the barbecue and being a cool guy. While the others are having fun, Brenda and Dawn can see the barbecue in the distance. Dawn is really upset and is really hungry and beat. She says that she is so upset that she could spit. Brenda tells her that she will understand. Dawn tells Brenda that she just wants to eat. The others get back to camp and Brenda knows that what she did could be a double edged sword. Cochran says that likability is a liability.

Day 36

The tribe gets to the immunity challenge. They are going to have to balance and hold on to a handle. Jeff will lower them. Last one standing will win. After 15 minutes, Cochran falls out. After 25 minutes, Eddie falls. Eric falls out. Sherri slips. Brenda and Dawn remain and it is a contest to who is going to stay in. Dawn wins her first immunity.

The tribe members get back to camp and Brenda says that it is clear that Eddie is going home now. Cochran would like to vote out Brenda, but everyone wants to get out Eddie. Cochran goes up to Sherri and tells her that they could do a blindside and vote Brenda out. Cochran talks to Dawn and says that Brenda is a big threat. Dawn is worried that Eddie could win all the challenges. Dawn is confused on what to do because she is trying to play her own game and doesn’t want to go home before Cochran.

Tribal Council time and Dawn says that it is good to come to Tribal Council with the immunity. Brenda says that it was alright because it was Dawn. Sherri says that everyone is looking to Brenda as a Saint, but Cochran says that they have to think strategically. Eddie says that he had the best time. They vote. Afterwards, the votes are read. They are: Eddie with 2 votes, Eric with 1 vote and Brenda with 2 votes. The 15th person voted out is Brenda. She tells them that she was genuine with them. She tells them that it hurts.