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Last Push / The Winner is Announced! - Recap

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With the vote to kick off Brenda off last week, it is the Finale as Eddie, Sherri, Eric, Cochran, and Dawn are left to fight for the $1 Million. On Night 36, Erik has a headache. Jeff comes and looks at him. He has medical look at him. It turns out that Erik has the signs of starvation and needs to be pulled from the game. The rest of the tribe says their goodbyes. The tribe gets back to camp and they are in shock Erik had to leave. Dawn says she has a chance to win the game now because Erik was a competitive player. Cochran has to get to Eddie because he mostly likely is going to win the next immunity and will possibly take him to the Final Three with him.

Day 37

The survivors get the tree mail in the morning and they read they are going have a reward challenge first before the immunity challenge. They are happy and Dawn says she is proud of herself for making it so far in the game. The tribe gets to the reward challenge. They are told they are going to have to balance a House of Cards as they build it. They are playing for a huge advantage in the final immunity challenge. The challenge begins and they all begin to make progress. Cochran’s stack falls. Sherri’s stack falls. Dawn and Eddie are still moving through. Dawn is really steady, but looses the entire stack. Eddie loses his stack too. On right after another, the stacks go down. Sherri moves through the challenge and loses half of the stack. After a long challenge, it is down to Cochran and Sherri. The winner of the challenge is Cochran.

The tribe gets back to camp and Cochran is happy he won the reward challenge. Sherri and Eddie talk and Sherri says she would rather go with Eddie and Cochran rather than Dawn. She says she has played a good game. Cochran and Dawn talk and Dawn says she is a little worried with their alliance. Cochran says every day is a roller coaster with Dawn

Day 38

The next day, Cochran opens the tree mail. They make their way along a trail where they see the contestants who were on Survivor. They pass by the names: Francessca, Allie, Hope, Shamar, Laura, Brandon, Matt, Julia, Corinne, Michael, Phillip, Malcolm, Reynold, Andrea, Brenda and Erik. They burn the ceremonial statue with the names on it as they do every time.

The final immunity challenge arrives and the tribe is going to have to collect three bags and build a fire puzzle. The advantage is that Cochran doesn’t have to untie his bags. Cochran gets to the puzzle first and begins on the puzzle before the others get the bags. Eddie and Dawn get to the puzzle and begin with work on it. Cochran struggles on the puzzle. Dawn makes progress on her puzzle. Eddie is out of the challenge and Cochran makes really good progress. The winner of the challenge is Cochran.

The tribe gets back to camp and Cochran is excited that he is in the Final Three. Dawn says it is emotional and asks if they are locked in for the end. Eddie says he has the best chance of winning this, but he needs to convince Cochran he doesn’t. Cochran is set on bringing Sherri to the Final Three because she isn’t a threat at all. He struggles to bring Eddie or Dawn. Eddie tries to say Cochran should bring him because he feels he didn’t play a strategic game.

Tribal Council time and Eddie says the Final Three was set for Sherri, Dawn and Erik. However, with that out of the way, who knows. Cochran says it was incredible when he won the idol because he wouldn’t have been capable of doing the challenge years ago. Dawn says she has done a great job alienated herself from the tribe members. Eddie says he hasn’t played the game strategically. Sherri says she is still in the game and says she takes in a lot. Cochran is told that Sherrie and Eddie are his best shot. However, Cochran says nothing. The votes are read and it is Dawn with 1 votes and Eddie with 2 votes. The last member of the jury is Eddie.

Day 39

The survivors wake up and Sherri asks Cochran what a Pawn is and he says they are expendable. Sherri is proud of herself for making it to the Final Three. They go to a feast laid out for them to cook up. Sherri says she came as a Fan, an underdog and someone who was on the bottom. She says she ran the alliance. Dawn says she was always loyal to her family and no matter what happens she has changed. Dawn says it is a storybook ending and she is confident she can beat the other two. Cochran thinks to himself and says he wrote a Harvard paper on the game of Survivor and says he has to address the jury and tell them he played a good game.

The survivors make their way to the final tribal council. The jury members are brought in and Dawn says she feels humbled. She says when she came out, she wanted to have an ally and she made that with Cochran. She had to give herself permission to play the game. She says she feels good. Sherri says she is a very successful businesswoman and says she had to make a lot of decisions to get in with the Favorites. Cochran says Survivor has been an obsession for 13 years and says he knows he can’t out-muscle or out-smart people, but he wants to prove to them why he feels he played the best game.

The jury has a chance to address the Final Three. Malcolm is first and he doesn’t have a question for Sherri. Malcolm says Dawn played cold-blooded and has to own up to it. Malcolm asks what Cochran has that he doesn’t. Cochran says his insecurity was more than Malcolm’s and that is the reason why he was able to make it to the end. Eddie asks Sherri if she got carried to the end and she says she didn’t. Everyone laughs. Eddie tells Dawn he only saw her as a weak player. Eddie asks Cochran where he sees himself at a bar with him, Reynold and Malcolm. Cochran says he would be with them because he has gained confidence in the game. Phillip comes up and says Sherri started her strategic move when she switched to the Favorites, but resends her membership to Stealth R’Us. He tells Dawn she was always making camp life disruptive. He says Cochran was a great strategic player.

Erik addresses the Final Three and tells Dawn she crushed the unity they had when she voted Brenda out. He tells Sherri she is not a strategic player and she tells him to sit down and says she doesn’t need his vote. Michael addresses the survivors. He says he feels Dawn is getting a punch gut and has her explain why Cochran isn’t getting called a villain. Dawn says Cochran wasn’t a strategic player as much as she was and he wouldn’t be there without her. Cochran says she wouldn’t be there because Cochran was her psychiatrist throughout the game. Reynold says Dawn put up a fake facade and says he wants to know what she thinks of him. She calls Reynold chauvinistic, says he has a good sense of humor and is vulgar. He says she can go back to being a good person, but wants to hear that she kicked their asses.

Andrea talks to them and says she has no bad things to say. She asks what animal would represent Cochran. He says he would be a chameleon because he knew how to change colors at the drop of the hat. He feels his timing was crucial. She tells Dawn she understands where she is coming from and would have played the same game as Dawn played. Brenda talks to Cochran and says she gave him something and then he took something away from her. Cochran says he separated emotion and strategy and Brenda was a threat. Brenda says she had a strong bond with Dawn and she brings up the fact Dawn lost her retainer and how she was so grateful. She says she had her fate in her hands. Dawn says she wouldn’t have quit the game if she had lost her teeth. She tells Dawn to take out her teeth and show everyone. She tries to explain she wanted to play the game. She takes out her teeth.

The voting begins and afterwards, the votes are taking to Los Angeles. Sherri says her odds are not good of winning. Cochran says he feels pretty confident, but is prepared for the worst. Dawn says she will be able to buy some new teeth. The votes are read. It is Cochran with 4 votes. The winner of Survivor: Caramoan is Cochran!