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Suck It Up and Survive: Season 29 Premier "Survivor San Juan del Sur — Blood vs. Water 2" castaways are introduced - Recap

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On tonight’s very first episode on the 29th season of Survivor we learned all 18 survivors names and who was related to whom. The 18 survivors were split up into 2 tribes 9 on each tribe. Friends and loved ones were slip apart so that they would be on each tribe. The names of the 2 tribes are the Coyopa tribe and the Hunapu tribe. Three survivors are pretty well known in most circles, which are John Rocker, a retired Baseball relief pitcher for the Atlanta Braves. He is also known for some derogatory ethnic slurs and rants when the Braves were visiting the New York Mets in Shea Stadium. There is also twin sisters Natalie & Nadiya Anderson who are best known for playing on 2 different seasons of “The Amazing Race”. Tonight Nadiya Anderson was the very 1st survivor of the season to be voted out.