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Method To This Madness - Recap

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On tonight’s 2nd episode of the season the survivors continued to make secret alliances with one and other. The Coyopa tribe that lost both the “Rewards Challenge” and the “Immunity Challenge” last week lost both of the challenges again tonight. The “Rewards Challenge” that the Hunapu tribe won was a lot of different fishing equipment. They however had lost their Flint and bartered an exchange with Jeff for a new Flint in exchange for the fishing equipment they had just won. John Rocker lost the “Rewards Challenge” for his tribe to his girlfriend Jaclyn Schultz. Jeff asked John if he was upset that he lost to his girlfriend and he said no he was only upset that he had lost to a girl. Jeremy was selected by Jaclyn to be the person from their tribe that would join John on Exile Island. They both had a choice to make when they got there in which one of 2 vases they would select. John’s vase had a blank piece of paper in it but Jeremy’s vase had a clue to an Immunity Idol in it. He had the choice of keeping the clue to himself or sharing it and he decided to share it with John in exchange for asking John to help keep his wife Val safe that he agreed to. When John returned to his tribe he immediately went looking for the idol and he quickly was able to find it. He next talked to Val in private and she told him that she had an idol and John told her she needed to use it tonight at the “Tribal Council”. She however was lying to John and did not have an idol and she became the 2nd survivor voted out.