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It's Survivor Warfare - Recap

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survivor 30x01

18 americans divided into 3 tribes based on their occupation and approach to life:

white collars - people in charge
so and joaquin - lie about clue to hidden imunity idol
white collars try to make shelter and fire but dont succeed at any of that
carolyn - finds immunity idol based on so and jaquin searching according the clue

blue collars - hard workers and physical labor
dan and mike - honest about clue to hidden imunity idol
mike - eats scorpion and throws up
Rodney - sympathy story about dead sister
dan - too weird and nobody likes him

no collars - free spirits
will and jenn - honest about clue to hidden imunity idol
jenn and vince ally immediatelly then vince is jealous about jenn and joe
joe - good at building shelter because works in construction, he makes fire from nothing

immunity challenge:
-running down a ramp, unlocking with keys or knots, then push ladder through obstacles and make decision to take 5, 10 or 50 pieces puzzle. they all average to the same time to complete.
-white collars take 50 pieces puzzle, all others take 10 piece puzzle
-joe wins for no collars, 2nd blue collars, 3rd white collars

tribal council:
group decision is to send home a weak link so they decide it should be carolyn - So discusses this with everybody, but carolyn reveals to Tyler she has immunity idol and the rest of the tribe ally with her and vote off So