Season 3

Vietnam's Aquatic Assassin

Dominic Monaghan scours Vietnam's lakes to find the giant water bug.

Source: The Travel Channel

Chaos in Kenya

In this episode of Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, Dominic travels to Kenya in search of the giant spitting cobra. The first animal Dominic sees is a vervet monkey, commonly known as the blue ball monkey. Dominic meets up with his local guide Samson and they head first to the Tsavo Conversation Region in the African Savannah. He then moves onto a wetter, more vegetated region near the Indian Ocean. He spots an Egyptian cobra. It can't spit like the giant spitting cobra, but it is incredibly dangerous. It holds neurotoxic venom that can kill a human within an hour and it is believed to be the snake that killed Cleopatra. Dominic then visits a village in the Chyulu Hills where he eats a traditional lunch of goat with the locals. There, he comes across a black tipped scorpion. Next, they get a call that an elephant has been injured. Dominic goes to the scene with the animal doctor, who injects it with a tranquilizer and takes out the rotting flesh from the injured leg. They patch the elephant's leg back up with clay. When the elephant wakes up, it comes chasing after the crew, with the cameraman, Frank, narrowly avoiding getting trampled. After spending days in the Savannah, and with no luck finding a giant spitting cobra, Dominic and his crew move to an area closer to the Indian Ocean, which is wetter and has denser vegetation. On their way, Dominic spots a Nile monitor lizard and runs out to chase it and hold it. He observes the incredibly muscular tail, which is used to smash any threats.

Source: The Travel Channel

Godzillas in Japan

In this episode of Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan, Dominic travels to the Land of the Rising Sun in search of the Japanese giant salamander. He ventures into the magnificent mountain regions in search of the giant salamander, and along the way, explores the beautiful cities of Tokyo and Osaka. Dominic meets with his guide, Yuka, for his first night in Tokyo. Yuka takes him to the Golden Gai area, which is a part of Old Tokyo, filled with rows and rows of bars. They enjoy a glass of sake in Milk Bar, a small bar situated in a tight alleyway, and then head off to sing karaoke. The next day, Dominic gears up and travels 125 miles west to Nagano, the salamander territory. He takes a bullet train, which cuts his trip down from 5 hours to 90 minutes. Upon arriving, Dominic notices the brisk change in weather and sets off to find thermal hot springs that are known to attract Japanese macaques, also known as snow monkeys. Only found in Japan, the snow monkeys jump, play, and enjoy the thermal hot springs, and Dominic gets a first-hand look.

Source: The Travel Channel

19 :03x01 - Majestic Mozambique

Dominic Monaghan tracks down the largest fish on Earth in Mozambique.

Source: The Travel Channel

20 :03x02 - Bearing Down in Bolivia

Dominic Monaghan pursues the largest land animal in South America.

Source: The Travel Channel

21 :03x03 - Brazil's Brilliant Pantanal

Dominic Monaghan treks through Brazil to find the bizarre giant anteater.

Source: The Travel Channel

22 :03x04 - The Philippines' Real Dragon

Dominic Monaghan is on the hunt for the flying lizard in the Philippines. He runs into a psychic who predicts his future, crosses the lush "chocolate hills" and explores eerie mangroves where he discovers a slimy, local delicacy.

Source: The Travel Channel

23 :03x05 - Peru's Electrifying Amazon

Dominic Monaghan navigates the Amazon River in search of the electric eel. He travels via a giant houseboat, encounters an aggressive primate species called Hellboy Monkey and visits a local shaman to cure a nasty cold.

Source: The Travel Channel

24 :03x06 - Palau Coconut Crab

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25 :03x07 - Mythical Madagascar

Dominic Monaghan is after the most famous and feared lemur of Madagascar.

26 :03x08 - Florida's Stealthy Sharks

Dominic Monaghan gets up close with stealthy sharks in the Florida Keys.

Source: The Travel Channel

27 :03x09 - Sri Lanka's Cunning Cobra

Dominic Monaghan explores the snakebite capital of the world, Sri Lanka.

Source: The Travel Channel

28 :03x10 - Getting High in Peru

Dominic Monaghan climbs the Andes to find a frog that doesn't need air.

Source: The Travel Channel

29 :03x11 - Paradise in Palau

Dominic Monaghan heads to Palau in search of the giant coconut crab, which can literally crack coconuts. He also dives into a lake teeming with millions of jellyfish and enters a cove where a species older than dinosaurs live.

Source: The Travel Channel

30 :03x12 - South Africa's White Lions

Dominic Monaghan searches for the world's rarest big cat in South Africa.

Source: Travel Channel

31 :03x13 - Belize's Fer-De-Lance

Dominic Monaghan is on a mission to find Latin America's most deadly snake.

Source: Travel Channel

32 :03x14 - Indonesia Orangutan

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