#11782 - Recap

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Lulu thinks that Nikolas shouldn't be just focusing all of his energy on Rebecca. Meanwhile, Jason learns from Sam that her application for a private investigator license has been denied. Spinelli thinks that they should get Bernie involved as he was once a P.I.

Maxie thinks the opening with Matt didn't go well but Kate says that she was impressed. Bernie agrees to help Sam and Spinelli. Tracy wonders why Rebecca is really in Port Charles. Johnny tells his sister that they have to get something on Ric to stop him from showing Sonny the DVD.

Maxie is determined to get even with Matt when he makes her look foolish. Ric tells his brother that he knows something new about Michael's shooting. Meanwhile, Johnny isn't happy when he finds out that his sister is planning to get pregnant with Sonny's child. Claudia listens in, worried, as Jason tells Sonny that he knows that Ian was working with somebody else.