#11783 - Recap

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Claudia continues to listen into Jason and Sonny's conversation. Meanwhile, Nikolas tries to apologize to Rebecca for trying to kiss her. However, she tells that she didn't ask him to stop.

Lulu learns the truth from Johnny about what happened when he was stuck in the snowstorm with Maxie. Meanwhile, when Ethan hears Tracy asking Spinelli to find out who his parents are, he tells her to ask him if she wants to know.

Lucky clashes with his brother, while Lulu has a go at Maxie.

After Carly has a dizzy spell, Olivia thinks that she may be pregnant. Meanwhile, Tracy wants Lulu to help her find out what Ethan is up to. Rebecca finds out how her biopsy went.

Maxie and Johnny share a kiss, unaware that Spinelli is watching. Meanwhile, Rick shocks Sonny by telling him that Claudia was involved in Michael's shooting.