#11785 - Recap

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Both Patrick and Monica are pleased by the look of the hospital following its renovation. In the meantime, Bobbie is worried about her daughter when she has another dizzy spell.

Claudia wants her brother to make sure that there are no other copies of the DVD around. Lucky isn't happy when he finds out that his father got drunk but Ethan says that he would be happy to have a father like Luke. Meanwhile, Carly talks to Olivia about what could happen to her if she is pregnant.

Tracy tries to find out from Lulu if she has discovered the real reason why Ethan is in Port Charles. Alexis is concerned by the amount of time Nikolas is spending with Rebecca. In the meantime, Robin talks to Kelly after seeing Patrick out with Elizabeth.

Ric confronts Claudia and tries to find out how she managed to wipe the DVD so that Sonny wouldn't be able to see it. Sonny turns to Carly for advice about who she thinks is most trustworthy between his brother and his wife.

As Nikolas and Monica cut the ribbon announcing the hospital's new opening, the lights go off and the alarm goes off.

Carly takes a pregnancy test. Nikolas is shocked when his grandmother appears on the computer screen and threatens him.