Exit.Strategy - Recap

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The episode begins with Marty playing poker at home with his family. Marty is teaching Roscoe how to be an expert in the game, while Malcolm is trying to convince Marty to contribute to his cause. At the office, Doug and Clyde are worried because Marty seems to be too busy to pick up their calls. Marty is in a sauna with a man named Eric, who also works for Gallweather Stern. Marty wants Eric to join his company and Eric after initially pretending that he doesn’t want to, in the end happily agrees. Julienne offers Jeannie a promotion and she is really surprised. Julienne feels she deserves it because Jeannie has proven herself.

Marty arrives at the office and Jeannie tells him about Julienne’s offer. Marty isn’t happy to hear about it and feels Jeannie is hedging, but she assures him she will join his company and says that it just feels good to be appreciated. Before he leaves for another meeting, Marty tells Jeannie to make him a list of all the possible people he can approach in the company to join him. Sarah comes to the office to meet Doug and sees that he is trying to get in touch with Marty because he has a lead a about potentially big client. He wants to tell Marty about it, so they can approach this client as a team. Sarah suggests Doug stop depending on Marty so much and venture out on his own a little. She tells Doug that even if they snag the client Marty will get all the credit, so she suggests Doug meet the client himself and he agrees.

Marty sees Monica taking Tamara out to lunch and joins them. During lunch, Marty reveals to Monica that he is seeing Tamara, and Monica pretends she is happy for them. Doug has cold feet, while he is on his way to meet the client and turns back, but Sarah says she won’t allow him to give up. Marty is checking out an office space for his company and the agent tells Marty to quickly decide because there are other companies also waiting in line for this space. Sarah is giving Doug a pep talk and a handjob to get him all pumped up for the meeting. Afterwards, Doug proceeds for the interview with renewed confidence.

Marty returns home and sees Malcolm trying to get Roscoe interested in the rallies and protests that he is into. Marty isn’t happy about it and tells Roscoe to go to his room. He asks Malcolm how much money he needs because he feels Malcolm is only hanging around for that, but Malcolm says he doesn’t need his money. Marty doesn’t believe him, writes him a check of $10K and leaves it on the table. Malcolm looks at the check and is in a quandary about what he should do. At the office, Clyde finds out that Jeannie has been offered a promotion and isn’t too pleased about it.

The next day, Marty tells Jeremiah about the money he gave Malcolm and says they might not see Malcolm again. Jeremiah feels Marty has done a very horrible and manipulative thing simply because he wanted Malcolm to leave. He says Marty didn’t want Malcolm in his house from the beginning and now he has gotten his wish. Marty says he did it because Malcolm was trying to brainwash Roscoe, but Jeremiah feels Marty is only using Roscoe as an excuse to justify his actions. At work, Jeannie tells Marty she has prepared the list of the possible people they can poach and he tells her to call the people on the list herself.

Julienne arrives and they discuss Jeannie’s promotion. Marty says Jeannie is an indispensable part of his team, so Julienne should have discussed with him before making this decision. Jeannie is happy to hear Marty say this. After Julienne leaves, Jeannie and Marty discuss about the new company. Jeannie is a bit worried about how things will turn out but Marty assures her everything will be just fine because things are falling into place. She leaves with Nate for dinner and Marty watches them walking away with a disappointed expression on his face. The episode ends at this point.