Hostile Takeover - Recap

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The episode begins with Nate dropping Jeannie off at work. She runs into Marty and gang in the elevator and Doug pulls her leg about the perks that have come with her promotion. Marty talks to Tamara in private about a venture capitalist, who has agreed to give him money for his startup. She reminds him that he still has the Carlson account that needs to be handled. Marty tells her she can handle it because Carlson likes her more than him. She counters that they could lose the Carlson deal if Marty bails and suggests that he stick around at least till the deal is signed. Marty is reluctant, but Tamara convinces him, saying she will do anything that he wants in return.

Clyde is still bitter about being overlooked for a promotion and as a result continues directing his verbal barbs at Jeannie because she got one. After Clyde leaves, Doug makes small talk with Jeannie and eventually tells her that Sarah needs a new friend in LA and begs Jeannie to befriend her. The Dooshkin Twins, who own a swank club in Vegas, arrive at Gallweather. They are there to see Clyde, who has promised to help them expand their business. The twins tell Clyde that they want to be like P Diddy and start their own line of clothing and accessories. Marty arrives and asks the Dooshkins why Carlson is not returning his calls and they say Carlson is mad at him because he blew him off and went to the P&G; deposition. Marty begs them to get him a meeting with Carlson, so he can sort things out and they assure him they will.

Before he leaves, they warn Marty to not screw it up with Carlson this time. After Marty has left, Clyde tries to convince the twins to concentrate on expanding their club instead of trying to sell themselves as a brand, but the twins have made up their mind and aren’t ready to budge. Jeannie runs into Julienne in the ladies’ room and Julienne tells her she met Karen Anderson, the CEO of a consulting firm in New York, at her B-School reunion. Julienne says that Anderson told her one of the girls from Gallweather is planning to make a move. She gives Jeannie a suspicious look while she is saying this, but Jeannie assures her in no uncertain terms that she isn’t considering anything of the sort.

Marty steps out of the Gallweather building and is on his way to meet his investor, when he runs into Carlson on the street. Carlson tells Marty to come to Vegas with him and says a copy of the deal is lying on his desk. Carlson says he will sign it the moment they get there and Marty reluctantly agrees. Jeannie returns to her office and finds Sarah sitting there. Sarah says they have to be friends because that’s what Doug wants and Jeannie reluctantly agrees although she seems preoccupied about something she has figured out about Tamara.

Jeannie gives Marty a call soon after and tells him that Tamara is taking a job in New York in Anderson’s firm. Marty is too shocked for words and after hanging up goes back to shooting melons in the middle of the desert with Carlson. He seems to be enjoying it and tells Carlson to forget about the deal for the time being, so they can continue what they are doing for a while longer. Marty says he wants to bring another gun from Carlson’s vehicle and he tells Marty to help himself. Marty instead of getting a gun from the vehicle, sits in it and drives away leaving Carlson behind. At work, Clyde is trying every trick in the book to convince the Dooshkin Twins to expand their club.

Marty meets Pinkass, a casino owner and Carlson’s competitor in Vegas, and tells him to sign up as a client with his new company. Pinkass doesn’t seem too keen, but Marty eventually convinces him by making a strong argument, saying Pinkass should agree if he doesn’t want Carlson buying off his casino. An overjoyed Clyde tells Jeannie and Doug that he has convinced the Dooshkin twins to open a club in Barcelona. Jeannie tells him not to get too excited because the Carlson deal hasn’t gone through yet, but Clyde feels she is raining on his parade because she is jealous. Marty returns home and sees Tamara waiting for him. She assumes the Carlson deal has gone through, but he tells her about Pinkass and she realizes he knows about her move to New York.

While having sex, Jeannie can’t stop talking about what Tamara did to Marty and Nate realizes Jeannie has feelings for Marty. He questions her about it and she doesn’t deny it and even suggests they break up. Nate tries to convince her to not break up with him, but she seems to have made up her mind. Marty gives Jeannie a call immediately after Tamara leaves and tells her to gather the team and meet him at the office. He arrives at the office and tells his team to take one last look around because from tomorrow they won’t be working there. The episode ends at this point.