Til Death Do Us Part - Recap

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The episode begins in Vegas with Marty and team along with Sarah posing for a picture. Flashback to earlier in the day and the team is shown sitting in Marty’s office at GallWeather and discussing about the new shop Marty is planning to open. Doug is really apprehensive about this move, but Clyde seems completely onboard, until Marty shocks him by revealing that he has scrapped the deal with Carlson and made a new deal with Pinkass. Clyde is really unhappy about it, but says nothing and walks out. Marty brings Jeannie to an office space he is thinking of renting for his new company and Jeannie likes it.

Flash forward to 9:34 pm in Vegas, Jeannie, Doug, Sarah and Clyde are at a dinner table with a bunch of other people. Turns out, Doug and Sarah are married and Clyde gives a really heartfelt speech congratulating the couple. Marty isn’t at the table, but from a distance he looks on as everyone raises a toast to the couple. After finishing her drink, Jeannie walks up to Marty and says she wants to talk to him about something. Back in the present in Vegas, the gang is still posing for pictures, when Doug sees someone and the scene flashes back to the previous night. Doug and Sarah are having dinner at a restaurant in LA and Doug is busy telling her how great Marty is.

While Doug is rambling on and on, the waiter brings Sarah desert. When she digs into it, she finds a ring inside and is really excited, but Doug looks completely puzzled. While Doug is trying to figure out what just happened, Sarah wears the ring, kisses Doug and tells him that her answer is yes. She sits on Doug’s lap and suggests that they get married tomorrow in Vegas, where he is going for a business trip. Doug is too stunned to say anything and later at the office he tells Jeannie and Clyde about the huge misunderstanding. Jeannie is amazed that Doug did not intend to propose to Sarah and yet he left the restaurant with someone else’s engagement ring.

Doug says he didn’t know what else to do. He tells them Sarah is presently in Vegas getting things organized for the wedding, so there isn’t anything he can do, but go ahead with the whole thing. The next night at 8:29 pm in Vegas, Doug and Sarah are about to be married as per Scottish customs, when Sarah interrupts the ceremony and takes Doug aside. She with tears in her eyes confesses to him that she orchestrated the whole hiding-the-ring-in-the-desert thing. She says she couldn’t wait for him to propose to her and didn’t want to lose him, which is why she did this crazy thing. Although initially shocked, Doug eventually forgives her, saying he is really touched that she went to these lengths just so she could be with him.

Despite everything Doug still wants to marry her, so they go ahead with the ceremony. The scene flashes back to the time, when Marty had just revealed to the team that the deal with Carlson has been scrapped. After the meeting, an agitated Clyde steps out of Marty’s office with Doug and tells him, how this move by Marty will screw up his deal with the Dooshkin Twins. He is really disappointed with Marty and later that day over lunch, he tells Monica about it. She doesn’t seem interested in what he is saying, but he insists that she should be interested because he is going to be making her mountains of cash. Back in the present, the gang is still having their picture taken, when someone comes and punches Marty in the face.

While Marty is falling to ground, the scene flashes back to the morning of the very same say. Marty arrives at office and tells Tamara that she would be coming with him to Vegas and if she doesn’t agree, he says he will make sure that her new job offer falls through. Flash forward to 9:03 pm in Vegas, while the gang is busy in post wedding celebrations, Marty learns that his entire official email account, his contacts and his files have been wiped out from Gallweather’s server. He confronts Tamara about it, but she assures him that she would never do such a thing. He returns from Tamara’s room and sees the gang raising a toast.

Jeannie walks up to him and before he can tell her what has happened, she reveals to him that she loves him. Marty really hurts her, calling her love a school girl crush and saying she chose a really bad time to come up with this. He tells her about the files, but she doesn’t care and storms off with tears in her eyes. Marty chases after her, but is stopped by Doug, who tells him that he has decided to stay with GallWeather. Marty is too preoccupied to care about Doug’s decision and follows Jeannie into the ladies room after pushing him aside. In the ladies room, Jeannie hands Marty a zip drive, saying she had backed up all his files on it because she suspected Julienne might wipe out his files.

She refuses to talk any further and walks away after handing him the drive. Marty comes out of the ladies room and Sarah drags him to the others for a photo, which is when Carlson arrives and punches Marty in the face. While Marty is busy fighting Carlson, Clyde reveals to Marty that he is the one who told Julienne everything and now Carlson is his client. Clyde also reveals that he has joined Monica’s firm. Carlson and Marty continue fighting and it ends with Jeannie hitting Carlson on the head with a large wedding gift and rendering him unconscious.

Soon after, Marty gets a text informing him that the Pinkass deal has closed. Marty later brings Jeremiah and Roscoe to the office space he has rented. While they are busy checking out the place, Marty gives Jeannie a call, but she doesn’t pick it up and lets it go to voicemail. He leaves her a message, saying he can’t start his company without her and that he misses her, but he stops short of saying that he loves her. The episode ends at this point.