48 Hours

Season 28

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Season 28

48 Hours Presents: The Spymasters - CIA in the Crosshairs

All 12 living CIA directors share their passionate disagreements about the agency's past and its future. Mandy Patinkin narrates.

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1042 :28x02 - The Doctor's Daughter

A prominent doctor is charged with murdering his wife - he says she fell - Can their daughters 911 call decide his fate?

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1043 :28x03 - Shadow of Death

Troy Roberts and 48 HOURS investigate the case against a young man who police say snuck into his family's upscale California home and shot dead his parents and paralyzed a younger brother.

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1045 :28x05 - The Hunter

Troy Roberts and 48 HOURS investigate the disappearance of Army combat medic Kelli Bordeaux and the unconventional hunt for her killer

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1046 :28x06 - The Bugs Bunny Defense

Linda Duffey shot her husband - that is clear. What's not so clear is what led up to the shooting. Prosecutors say it was a cold-hearted murder. Duffey, however, maintains it was an accident that occurred when she and her husband Patrick reenacted a moment from a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

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1048 :28x08 - The Accidental Husband

Two wives die in freak accidents 17 years apart. One man was married to both women. Is he just unlucky or does he know more than he’s telling? Peter Van Sant investigates.

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1049 :28x09 - The Strange Case of Kurt Sonnenfeld

Kurt Sonnenfeld maintains his wife Nancy put a gun to her head and killed herself in the early morning hours of Jan. 1, 2002. Denver Police think otherwise. However, investigators may never get a chance at proving their case. That's because Sonnenfeld has a new life, a new wife, and is living in Argentina a country that has yet to agree to extradite him to the U.S.

1050 :28x10 - Road to Redemption

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1054 :28x14 - The Verdict

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1055 :28x15 - Live to Tell: My Name Is Victoria

A California woman kidnapped, tortured and left for dead reveals her extraordinary tale of survival and the hunt that led to an "Austin Powers" actor. Erin Moriarty reports.

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1056 :28x16 - Murder 90210

Can millionaire Robert Durst beat another murder rap? "48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty investigates.

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1057 :28x17 - Target Justice

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1059 :28x19 - A Student of Murder

Was the shooting of a Seattle man a random incident of road rage, or was the gunman a self-taught killer intent on finding the perfect moment to kill? Peter Van Sant investigates.

Source: CBS News

1060 :28x20 - Trail of Tears

A couple's mountain hike turns deadly. The girlfriend had a haunting premonition -- did she predict her own murder? "48 Hours'" Peter Van Sant investigates.

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1061 :28x21 - Playing by the Rules?

A popular football coach is serving life for killing his pregnant wife -- was evidence hidden that could set him free? "48 Hours" correspondent Richard Schlesinger investigates.

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1062 :28x22 - Eliminating the Threat

48 Hours" Presents: An elite FBI agent shoots his wife after he says she came after him with a knife -- was it self-defense or murder? Susan Spencer investigates.

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1065 :28x25 - The Last Confession

More than five decades after the brutal murder of a young woman, will her family see a former priest suspected of killing her face trial?

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1066 :28x26 - Ryan Poston Murder Part 1: Breaking Point

Part 1 of 2. A lawyer shot -- his girlfriend admits she pulled the trigger and then dances in a strange police video -- was it self-defense or love gone bad?

Source: CBS News

1068 :28x28 - Blood in the Sand

Two teens killed on the same Calif. beach six years apart. DNA on one of the victims leads to two suspects -- one of them worked for the police. Richard Schlesinger investigates.

Source: CBS News

1069 :28x29 - The Soldier's Wife

A young wife shot dead -- her soldier husband pulled the trigger. Was it an accident or murder?

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1070 :28x30 - Death of an Olympian

Olympic hero Dave Laut shot six times -- his wife pulled the trigger. Was it murder or self-defense? In her first TV interview, Jane Laut tells Erin Moriarty she's been hiding a secret.

Source: CBS News

1072 :28x32 - Bringing A Nation Together

Maurice DuBois will anchor a primetime special from the CBS Broadcast Center in New York Saturday, July 9 at at 10 p.m. ET/PT, featuring extensive original reporting from CBS News correspondents on the ground in Dallas and around the country. The special, produced by the team at the award-winning "48 Hours," is part of CBS News' ongoing coverage of the events in Dallas, where five officers were shot and killed and seven others wounded by sniper fire during a protest Thursday night against recent deadly police shootings.

Source: CBS News

1073 :28x33 - Death at Soho House

Did the son of an Oscar-winning songwriter strangle his swimsuit designer girlfriend in a chic New York City hotel or was her death an accident? Troy Roberts investigates.

Source: CBS News

1074 :28x34 - TBA

She eluded the FBI for two decades, but she couldn't outrun her past. In a first-ever interview, a mom speaks out to "48 Hours" about taking her child abroad. Maureen Maher investigates.

Source: CBS News

1075 :28x35 - TBA

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