All My Children

All My Children

"The Great and the Least
The Rich and the Poor
The Weak and the Strong
In Sickness and in Health
In Joy and Sorrow
In Tragedy and Triumph
You are All My Children"

All My Children is a daytime serial that airs every weekday on the ABC Broadcasting Network. Premiering on January 5th, 1970, the series is set in Pine Valley, Pennsylvania, a town that, while quiet and calm on the surface, is truly the backdrop for the romances, schemes, scandals, trials, and tribulations of the cast of one of the most well-known and popular daytime dramas of all time. The series was created by Agnes Nixon (also the creator of other historic daytime serial One Life to Live), and currently airs at 1:00 P.M. (12:00 P.M. Central Time). The series has won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series in 1992, 1994, and 1998. The series still retains one original cast member, Susan Lucci (Erica).

The show was canceled in September, 2011.

Episode Info

Final: 42x183 -- Ep. #10712 (Sep/23/2011)

Marian becomes overwhelmed as she is reunited with Stuart. Adam is over the moon that his brother is still alive. Brooke surprises Adam by telling him she has bought his old house back. Colby thinks they should throw a party now that all the family are back together. Cara and Angie try to plead David's case to Jesse. Liza shows up at the police station and reveals that Stuart has posted bail for David. Opal and Erica find out that Jack's clothes and toothbrush have gone. Opal attempts to convince her not to leave Pine Valley and tells her about the party at the Chandler mansion. After learning that Jack will be going, Erica decides to go as well. Jack tells Krystal that he is through with Erica forever. Jamie sees JR at the airport and attempts to offer him some advise. Dixie and Tad manage to find JR at the airport and inform him that Stuart is alive. JR thinks that they are lying to him. JR decides not get on the plane and gatecrash the party. Everyone gathers for the party where Randi reveals there is a chance she could be expecting. David shows up at the party looking for Adam. Erica and Opal show up and see Jack talking to Krystal. JR pulls out his gun as Adam makes a toast to Pine Valley. Erica wants Jack to talk to her in private. David asks Adam for some money. Dixie finds David upstairs and she asks him to tell her who the other patient is. He tells her that if he told her she wouldn't believe him anyway. Erica is unable to convince Jack to come to Los Angeles with him. Brooke agrees to marry Adam after he proposes to her. As Erica runs after Jack, JR reveals himself at the party and a shot is fired.
Available Episodes

Ep. # 62
Mar 31, 1970
Season 1 episode 62

Ep. # 61
Mar 30, 1970
Season 1 episode 61

Ep. # 60
Mar 27, 1970
Season 1 episode 60

Ep. # 59
Mar 26, 1970
Season 1 episode 59

Ep. # 58
Mar 25, 1970
Season 1 episode 58

Ep. # 57
Mar 24, 1970
Season 1 episode 57

Ep. # 56
Mar 23, 1970
Season 1 episode 56

Christina Bennett LindChristina Bennett Lind
As Bianca Montgomery (2010-2011)
Rebecca BudigRebecca Budig
As Greenlee Lavery (1999-2005; 2008-2009; 2009-2011)
Daniel CosgroveDaniel Cosgrove
As Scott Chandler (1996-1998; 2010-2011)
Bobbie EakesBobbie Eakes
As Krystal Carey (2003-2011)
Trent GarrettTrent Garrett
As Asher Pike (2010-2011)
Stephanie GatschetStephanie Gatschet
As Madison North (2009-2011)
Sarah GlendeningSarah Glendening
As Marissa Chandler (2010-2011)
Ricky Paull GoldinRicky Paull Goldin
As Jake Martin (2008-2011)
Natalie HallNatalie Hall
As Colby Chandler (2009-2011)
Lindsay HartleyLindsay Hartley
As Dr. Cara Castillo-Martin #2 (2010-2011)


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40x153: Ep. # 10184 recap: When Ryan goes to help Emma get ready for bed, he gets an unwelcome surprise at finding Emma on the phone with Annie, telling her that she doesn’t like lying to Ryan. As a result, he calls up Jesse to see what he could do to get Annie back in Oak Haven or in a cell at police station for going against the court order of having no contact with Emma... read more.

39x166: Ep. #9946 recap: After waking up, Jake finds Taylor doing push ups. He then makes some off the cuff comments and gets challenged to a push up contest when Amanda walks in. Later, when Taylor goes to take her shower, Amanda suggests he go live in David Hayward’s cabin. Not long after Amanda leaves, Taylor comes back into the living room, resulting in her and Jake getting into an argument over Taylor’s wanting to go back to Iraq. Eventually Jake leaves and she has a panic attack... read more.

39x145: Ep. #9925 recap: After walking into JR’s office, Babe is both impresses and slightly scared of his business tactics, especially after learning who leaked the story about Adam. Trying to take her mind off of his actions, JR promises that his first act as Chandler CEO is to take over Fusion for her. Elsewhere, Adam has meeting with his lawyer when a Chandler board member stops at their table, assuring Adam that JR is falling for his father’s plot. It is at this point when Stuart shows up and tries to get information out of Adam in regards to the night of Richie’s death. Trying to get him off the subject, Adam asks Stuart if he would be willing to paint a new family portrait that has Colby in it... read more.

39x128: Ep. #9908 recap: While Babe, Greenlee, and Kendall wait for Zach, JR, and Aidan to arrive outside the cabin, Annie breaks in and helps Richie escape. When Zach and the others go inside the cabin, they are surprised to find the place empty. As the guys search the grounds around the cabin, Annie and Richie drive away from the cabin. It doesn’t take long for the siblings to start arguing over the situation they’re in and Richie soon thinks of a way to get Annie to give him her car. Later, Annie calls Ryan to tell him that she is coming home from the movie theater, unaware that he knows she is lying... read more.

39x125: Ep. #9905 recap: After the lights come back on at Fusion, Amanda, Greenlee, and Kendall learn that Babe is missing. When Zach arrives and tells them that Richie escaped, they deduce that he kidnapped Babe and call the cops. After Zach leaves to get help in locating Richie, Kendall and Greenlee decide to start their own search and save Babe themselves... read more.
Recurring Guests

Lucy Merriam as Emma Lavery (145 eps)
Jill Larson as Opal (123 eps)
Alex Eckstein as Spike Lavery (98 eps)
Tate Berney as AJ (82 eps)
Daniel Kennedy as Petey Cortlandt (79 eps)
Alexa Gerasimovich as Kathy (72 eps)
Eddie Matos as Reverend Ricky Torres (64 eps)
Jarred Sturman as Adam Chandler III (52 eps)
Elizabeth Rodriguez as Carmen Morales (52 eps)
Charles Parnell as Derek Frye (49 eps)

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Network: ABC ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Soaps
Status: Canceled/Ended
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 01:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 05, 1970
Ended: September 23, 2011
• AMC (Fan Abbreviation), (Used In USA)
• Wszystkie moje dzieci (Used In Poland)
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