Season 9

103 :09x02 - Destination Mars

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105 :09x04 - The New Evidence

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105 :09x04 - The New Evidence

Satellite images, ground-penetrating radar and thermal scanning sees new evidence that appears to substantiate the belief held by millions of people that Earth has been visited in the past by aliens.

106 :09x05 - The Visionaries

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108 :09x07 - The Wisdom Keepers

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109 :09x08 - The Mysterious Nine

Paul Hellyer claims there is a federation of extraterrestrial beings monitoring and guiding humans.

110 :09x09 - The Hidden Empire

Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest that evidence of extraterrestrial visitation exists in every corner of the Earth, but some say the most compelling can be found in one of the world's least accessible places--China. China is the cradle to one of mankind's earliest and most influential civilizations. The advents of gunpowder, paper, the compass, and countless other major innovations form the technological base on which our modern societies function. But historically, China has also had a policy of isolationism. From the Great Wall erected thousands of years ago to the "Great Firewall" of today, China has long prevented both people and information from entering or exiting its domain. While China has long been a secretive and isolationist country, new evidence suggest that aliens walked among us in the ancient past, and may have been with us all the way up to today... hiding among us.

Source: History Channel

111 :09x10 - The Prototypes

Recent archaeological discoveries reveal a very different picture of what life on Earth looked like in the remote past. It was a real-life version of "Lord of the Rings," where humans shared the planet with various different types of intelligent human-like species, such as Neanderthals, Denisovans, and even hobbits. But how is it that these various hominid species developed separately in isolated pockets of the globe? And why does no fossil evidence exist suggesting a slow gradual delineation from a common species? Ancient Astronaut theorists suggest these different intelligent species seem to have come straight out of the incubator, and that Earth itself may have served as an extraterrestrial laboratory. A laboratory where different human prototypes once existed--but only one species was chosen to survive. Is mankind the result of an extraterrestrial experiment?

Source: History Channel

112 :09x11 - Space Station Moon

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113 :09x12 - Russia's Secret Files

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114 :09x13 - Beyond Roswell

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116 :09x15 - The Secrets of Shiva

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Type: Documentary
Genres: Discovery/Science, History, Interview
Status: Returning Series
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 20, 2010
Episodes Order: 19
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