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Season 7

Aliens and Sacred Codes

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The Ultimate Evidence: Beyond Nazca

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The Ultimate Evidence: Alien Power Plants

The show takes a look at a theory that some of the most famous ruins on Earth could be long-forgotten power sources.

The Ultimate Evidence: Alien Messages

There are those who believe that embedded in our most sacred religious texts, as well as in the design and location of ancient monuments, are secret messages--messages that may reveal the purpose behind our very existence. Could it be true? Strange and cryptic communications with unknown meaning have been discovered all across the globe throughout every known civilization. Might the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe be found hidden in numerological, geometrical, and geological puzzles left for us to solve by extraterrestrial beings that came to Earth thousands of years ago? Are humans being tested?

Source: The History Channel

81 :07x01 - Forbidden Caves

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82 :07x02 - Mysteries of the Sphinx

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83 :07x03 - Aliens Among Us

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84 :07x04 - The Genius Factor

People around the globe believed they did not possess genius, but rather genius possessed them.

Source: H2

85 :07x05 - Secrets of the Mummies

Cultures all over the world have practiced complex techniques to preserve the human body after death; ancient Egyptians believed mummification ensured entrance into the next life; while Buddhist monks practiced self-mummification.

Source: H2

86 :07x06 - Alien Resurrections

A look at incredible stories of the dead rising from their graves.

87 :07x07 - The Great Flood

It is a story told in more than twelve hundred cultures around the world--the gods sent a great flood to wipe out humanity for its disobedient and wicked ways. Do these numerous creation myths point to an actual deluge, one that engulfed the world and spared only a chosen few? New evidence suggests that many fabled aspects of these flood myths may, in fact, be true. From traces of a major meteor impact in the Indian Ocean, to a worldwide ash layer, and even remnants of Noah's gravesite, scientists are starting to put the pieces of a very deadly puzzle together--a puzzle that some believe was created by extraterrestrial beings. Did humanity narrowly escape extinction?

Source: The History Channel

88 :07x08 - Aliens and the Civil War

The show looks at whether extraterrestrial beings could have helped save the nation during the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln experiences some strange visions and premonitions whilst soldiers at Gettysburg see a ghostly image that looks like George Washington.

89 :07x09 - Hidden Pyramids

With infrared satellite technology detecting pyramids hidden underneath the sand in Egypt and airborne laser sensors discovering long lost pyramids beneath the jungles of Central America, many believe we have entered a new pyramid era--an age of discovery that will be marked by unimaginable new findings. 21st century excavations are also revealing fascinating new facts about pyramids that could potentially rewrite history. Archaeologists now believe the ancient pyramids in Peru are older than the Egyptian pyramids, and a recently surveyed megalithic site in Indonesia is now suspected to be a step pyramid built by a long lost civilization 20,000 years ago.

Source: The History Channel

90 :07x10 - The Vanishings

Stories of civilizations large and small disappearing without a trace can be found throughout history and across the globe. From a previously unknown civilization in China, a vanished race of giants, to the unexplained disappearances of the Classic Maya and the Anasazi--elements of these disappearances cannot be completely explained by conventional scholars. Although these cultures have vanished from the face of the Earth, they have left behind intriguing clues--clues, some say point to an otherworldly explanation. And if entire groups have been taken off planet, might there be a connection with sites connected to mysterious vanishings of people, planes, and boats in various locations throughout the world?

Source: H2

91 :07x11 - The Alien Agenda

Many of humanity's most significant turning points have bore witness to unexplainable events. Is this merely coincidence, or could it be evidence that the course of human history is being manipulated by an alien agenda? Ancient Astronaut theorists have long proposed that extraterrestrials played a pivotal role in our past, and some believe they continue to keep a careful watch over the progress of mankind. Even high-level government officials have made claims that extraterrestrials are visiting our planet with an interest in our technological advancements, including former Canadian Defense Minister Paul Hellyer, who stated that that the cosmos are teaming with life. Could the UFO phenomenon be real? Have extraterrestrials been monitoring human progress for thousands of years--at times helping us to advance, and at other times holding us back?

Source: History
Classification: Documentary
Genre: Discovery/Science | History | Interview
Status: Returning Series
Network: HISTORY ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 20, 2010
Episode Order: 19
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