The History Channel was created in 1995 and features historical documentaries and biographies of famous people throughout the ages. Once known as "The Hitler Channel" because of the saturation of World War II stories. This ended after the shift of these programs over to their sister station The Military Channel. Using a variety of subjects and eras, the History Channel touches on everything from medieval times to UFO's. Versions of the channel can be seen in a number of countries, on different continents and can now be seen in HDTV. Their programs include many original series such as Mail Call, Dogfights, Ice Road Truckers and Human Weapon.
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Country: USA
First Broadcast: January 01, 1995
Parent Company: A&E; Television Networks
Reaching Households: 98,226,000 (86.01% of those with a TV)
Six (2017)
Billion Dollar Wreck
Crossroads of History
How to Lose the Presidency
Iron & Fire
Join or Die with Craig Ferguson
Live To Tell
Million Dollar Genius
Night Class
Smartest Guy in the Room
Swamp People: Blood and Guts
Ancient Aliens: Giorgio Tells All
Ax Men: Logged and Loaded
The Curse of Oak Island: Digging Deeper
The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down
Engineering Disasters
Forged in Fire
Leepu & Pitbull
Legend of the Superstition Mountains
Lost in Transmission
Missing in Alaska
Outlaw Chronicles: Hells Angels
Power & Ice
The Woodsmen
Biker Battleground Phoenix
Cryptid: The Swamp Beast
The Curse of Oak Island
Dark Horse Nation
Down East Dickering
Hangar 1: The UFO files
No Man's Land (2014)
No Place On Earth
Operation Build
Search for the Lost Giants
God, Guns & Automobiles
The Great Santini Brothers
Hatfields & McCoys: White Lightning
History Made Now: Wheels of Fortune
JFK Assassination The Definitive Guide
Lee Harvey Oswald: 48 Hours to Live
The Legend of Shelby the Swamp Man
Outback Bushmen
Stories from the Road to Freedom
Ultimate Soldier Challenge
We're the Fugawis
American Wiseass
Counting Cars
I Love The 1880s
Mountain Men
The National History Bee
Nor' Easter Men
Outback Hunters
Picked Off
United Stats of America
Inspector America
Invention USA
Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy
Underwater Universe
American Pickers
American Restoration
Ancient Aliens
Swamp People
Top Gear (US)
How The Earth Was Made
Pawn Star$
AX Men
The Universe: Ancient Mysteries Solved
History's Business
Modern Marvels