Rage Ratings Review - Wednesday 20th August - US - Cable Highlights

With such a large choice of cable channels out there, TVRage's Ratings Review is pleased to feature the highlights of last nights ratings. Please note that any share percentage is for the 25-54 age group.


Young & Hungry 'Young & Getting Played''Young & Hungry' aired the episode 'Young & Getting Played' on ABC Family, as Yolanda's son visited, attracting 853,000 viewers (4% share). 'Duck Dynasty' aired a special nostalgic episode on A&E, attracting 1.6 million viewers (0.6% share) at 8.30pm.


Kelsey Grammer Who Do You Think You Are?'Impact Wrestling' aired on SPIKE, with the Hard Core Justice Tournament from New York, attracting 852,000 (3% share). On Bravo, the show 'Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles' aired an episode entitled 'The Lads Take L.A.' in which Josh nabbed a property, everyone in town wanted, attracting 999,000 0.4% share). 'Who Do You Think You Are?' saw actor Kelsey Grammer exploring his family past on TLC, attracting 1.54 million viewers (0.4% share). On History 'American Pickers' aired the episode 'Plymouth Rocks' as Mike made a 100-year-old discovery, attracting 2.74 million viewers (0.6% share). On usa Network, 'Suits' aired an episode entitled 'This is Rome' in which Louis had to try and find a balance, attracting 2.76 million viewers (0.8% share). On TNT, 'Legends' aired the episode 'Chemistry', a family was kidnapped, attracting 1.72 million viewers (0.5% share). On OWN, 'Love Thy Neighbor' aired the episode 'Make Love To Me' as Linda indulged herself, attracting 870,000 viewers (0.3% share). On Lifetime 'Bring It!' aired the episode 'Nashville Smackdown' which saw the Dancing Dolls head to Nashville, attracting 1.08 million viewers (0.5% share). On HGTV 'Property Brothers' featured Nadine & Greg, attracting 1.71 viewers (0.4% share).


Franklin & Bash on TNTOn HGTV, 'House Hunters' saw a family looking for an affordable home in Florida, attracting 2.09 million viewers (0.5% share). On truTV, 'Hardcore Pawn' aired the second part of 'Million Dollar Deal' as the deal took more twists and turns, attracting 1.51 million viewers (0.5% share). On TNT 'Franklin & Bash' aired the episode 'Kershaw vs. Lincecum' in which Anita took on a divorce case, attracting 1.2 million viewers (0.4% share). On History 'American Restoration' aired the episode 'Knockout Restoration', as Rick threw in the towel on a major project, attracting 1.81 million viewers (0.5% share). This was followed at 10.30pm by the episode 'Boy Meet Whirl' as a returning customer had a new job for the boys, attracting 1.75 million viewers (0.5% share). On MTV 'Teen Mom 2' aired the episode 'Family Matters' as Jo and Vee visited Kailyn, attracting 1.8 million viewers (1.1% share). On usa Network, 'Graceland' aired the episode 'The Head of the Pig' as Briggs and Paige stepped in, attracting 1.06 million viewers (0.4% share). 'The Bridge' aired on FX, with the episode 'Lamia' as Sonya uncovered the truth about Lisa's death, attracting 936,000 viewers (0.3% share). On Discovery 'Naked and Afraid' aired the episode 'Pop-Up Edition: Dominica' as two survivalists explored the country's beaches, attracting 947,000 viewers (0.4% share). Preachers of L.A. 'Judge Not'On Oxygen 'Preachers of L.A' aired the episode 'Judge Not' as Jay confronted Dietrick, attracting 686,000 viewers (0.3% share). 'Wahlburgers' aired on A&E in the episode 'The Great Wahlburg of China' as Mark travelled to Hong Kong to promote a movie, attracting 1.49 million viewers (0.6% share). This was followed by 'Epic Ink' at 10.30pm, with the episode 'Welcome to Area 51', as a customer got a tattoo of various characters from The Goonies, attracting 948,000 viewers (0.4% share). 'Top Chef Duels' aired on Bravo as Mike Isabella took on Antonia Lofaso, attracting 764,000 (0.3% share).


'Conan' featured the guests Pierce Brosnan, Jaime King and Hampton Yount on tbs, attracting 1.04 million viewers (0.5% share). A second episode of 'Epic Ink' aired on A&E called 'It Takes Two to Tattoo' as two friends celebrated their 21st by buying one another tattoos, attracting 829,000 viewers (0.4% share).

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