Turner Network Television, (TNT) a service of Turner Networks was created in 1988 as a vehicle to air the MGM/UA library Ted Turner had purchased in 1986. Ted Turner started the broadcasting with the airing of his favorite movie "Gone With The Wind." As the years passed TNT would include sports and original first-run series. From 1990-97, they would acquire the rights to NFL games for the preseason and the first half of the football season. In 1995, TNT began a wrestle war with the WWE by creating a WCW show called Nitro to go head to head with WWE Raw. This ended when the WWE purchased and disbanded WCW. In 2001, TNT reinvented themselves by adding a new tag line to their moniker "We Know Drama," and would then add such shows as ER, NYPD Blue, Law and Order and Without A Trace. TNT also airs NBA games and NASCAR races as their sports lineup. TNT is also the first Turner channel to air in High Definition TV.
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