Ancient Aliens

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 Season 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 20/Apr/2010 The Evidence
2 1x02 27/Apr/2010 The Visitors
3 1x03 04/May/2010 The Mission
4 1x04 18/May/2010 Closer Encounters
5 1x05 25/May/2010 The Return

 Season 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
6 2x01 28/Oct/2010 Mysterious Places
7 2x02 04/Nov/2010 Gods & Aliens
8 2x03 11/Nov/2010 Underwater Worlds
9 2x04 18/Nov/2010 Underground Aliens
10 2x05 25/Nov/2010 Aliens And The Third Reich
11 2x06 02/Dec/2010 Alien Tech
12 2x07 09/Dec/2010 Angels and Aliens
13 2x08 16/Dec/2010 Unexplained Structures
14 2x09 23/Dec/2010 Alien Devastations
15 2x10 30/Dec/2010 Alien Contacts

 Season 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
16 3x01 28/Jul/2011 Aliens and the Old West
17 3x02 04/Aug/2011 Aliens and Monsters
18 3x03 11/Aug/2011 Aliens and Sacred Places
19 3x04 18/Aug/2011 Aliens and the Temples of Gold
20 3x05 25/Aug/2011 Aliens and Mysterious Rituals
21 3x06 01/Sep/2011 Aliens and Ancient Engineers
22 3x07 08/Sep/2011 Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics
23 3x08 15/Sep/2011 Aliens and Lost Worlds
24 3x09 22/Sep/2011 Aliens and Deadly Weapons
25 3x10 28/Sep/2011 Aliens and Evil Places
26 3x11 05/Oct/2011 Aliens and the Founding Fathers
27 3x12 12/Oct/2011 Aliens and Deadly Cults
28 3x13 19/Oct/2011 Aliens and the Secret Code
29 3x14 26/Oct/2011 Aliens and the Undead
30 3x15 16/Nov/2011 Aliens, Gods and Heroes
31 3x16 23/Nov/2011 Aliens and the Creation of Man

 Season 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
32 4x01 17/Feb/2012 The Mayan Conspiracy
33 4x02 17/Feb/2012 The Doomsday Prophecies
34 4x03 24/Feb/2012 The Greys
35 4x04 02/Mar/2012 Aliens and Mega-Disasters
36 4x05 09/Mar/2012 The NASA Connection
37 4x06 16/Mar/2012 The Mystery of Puma Punku
38 4x07 23/Mar/2012 Aliens and Bigfoot
39 4x08 06/Apr/2012 The Da Vinci Conspiracy
40 4x09 27/Apr/2012 The Time Travelers
41 4x10 04/May/2012 Aliens and Dinosaurs
42 4x11 21/Dec/2012 Secrets of the Pyramids
43 4x12 28/Dec/2012 Aliens and Cover-Ups
44 4x13 04/Jan/2013 Alien Power Plants
45 4x14 11/Jan/2013 Destination Orion
46 4x15 18/Jan/2013 The Einstein Factor

 Season 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
47 5x01 25/Jan/2013 Secrets of the Tombs
48 5x02 08/Feb/2013 Prophets and Prophecies
49 5x03 15/Feb/2013 Beyond Nazca
50 5x04 22/Feb/2013 Strange Abductions
51 5x05 05/Apr/2013 The Von Daniken Legacy
52 5x06 12/Apr/2013 The Viking Gods
53 5x07 19/Apr/2013 The Monoliths
54 5x08 30/Sep/2013 The Power of Three
55 5x09 07/Oct/2013 The Crystal Skulls
56 5x10 14/Oct/2013 The Anunnaki Connection
57 5x11 21/Oct/2013 Magic of the Gods
58 5x12 28/Oct/2013 The Satan Conspiracy
59 5x13 01/Nov/2013 Alien Operations
60 5x14 08/Nov/2013 Emperors, Kings and Pharaohs
61 5x15 15/Nov/2013 Mysterious Relics

 Season 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
62 6x01 29/Nov/2013 Aliens and Forbidden Islands
63 6x02 06/Dec/2013 Aliens and the Lost Ark
64 6x03 13/Dec/2013 Aliens and Mysterious Mountains
65 6x04 24/Jan/2014 Aliens and Stargates
66 6x05 31/Jan/2014 Aliens in America
67 6x06 07/Feb/2014 The Star Children
68 6x07 14/Feb/2014 Treasures of the Gods
69 6x08 21/Feb/2014 Aliens and the Red Planet
70 6x09 28/Feb/2014 The Shamans
71 6x10 07/Mar/2014 Aliens and Insects
72 6x11 14/Mar/2014 Alien Breeders
73 6x12 13/Jun/2014 Alien Transports
74 6x13 20/Jun/2014 Mysterious Structures
75 6x14 27/Jun/2014 Mysterious Devices
76 6x15 25/Jul/2014 The Reptilians
77 6x16 01/Aug/2014 The Tesla Experiment
78 6x17 08/Aug/2014 The God Particle
79 6x18 15/Aug/2014 Alien Encounters
80 6x19 22/Aug/2014 Aliens & Superheroes

 Season 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
81 7x01 31/Oct/2014 Forbidden Caves
82 7x02 07/Nov/2014 Mysteries of the Sphinx
83 7x03 14/Nov/2014 Aliens Among Us
84 7x04 21/Nov/2014 The Genius Factor
85 7x05 28/Nov/2014 Secrets of the Mummies
86 7x06 05/Dec/2014 Alien Resurrections
87 7x07 19/Dec/2014 Alien Messages
88 7x08 23/Dec/2014 The Great Flood
89 7x09 10/Apr/2015 Aliens and the Civil War
90 7x10 17/Apr/2015 Hidden Pyramids
91 7x11 24/Apr/2015 The Vanishings
92 7x12 01/May/2015 The Alien Agenda

 Season 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
93 8x01 24/Jul/2015 Aliens B.C.
94 8x02 31/Jul/2015 NASA's Secret Agenda
95 8x03 07/Aug/2015 Aliens and Robots
96 8x04 14/Aug/2015 Dark Forces
97 8x05 21/Aug/2015 The Alien Evolution
98 8x06 28/Aug/2015 The Other Earth
99 8x07 04/Sep/2015 Creatures of the Deep
100 8x08 18/Sep/2015 Circles From the Sky
101 8x09 25/Sep/2015 The Alien Wars

S01 - #108/Mar/2009Chariots, Gods & Beyond8.8
S06 - #225/Jul/2014Faces of the Gods8
S07 - #315/May/2015The Ultimate Evidence: Beyond NazcaN/A
S07 - #422/May/2015The Ultimate Evidence: The MonolithsN/A
S07 - #529/May/2015The Ultimate Evidence: The Tesla ExperimentN/A
S07 - #605/Jun/2015The Ultimate Evidence: Alien Power PlantsN/A
S07 - #712/Jun/2015The Ultimate Evidence: The Mystery of Puma PunkuN/A
S07 - #819/Jun/2015The Ultimate Evidence: Alien MessagesN/A
S07 - #926/Jun/2015The Ultimate Evidence: Aliens and the Lost ArkN/A
S07 - #1024/Jul/2015The Ultimate Evidence: Aliens and the Creation of ManN/A

    Season 8 »
Classification: Documentary
Genre: Discovery/Science | History | Interview
Status: Returning Series
Network: HISTORY ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: April 20, 2010
Episode Order: 19
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