Animal Cops: San Francisco

Animal Cops: San Francisco

This short-lived spin-off to Animal Precinct follows the dramatic animal cruelty cases of San Francisco's Animal Care and Control.

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Final: 1x15 -- Clip Show (Dec/19/2005)

Two aggressive pitbulls running loose; chihuahua hit by car; kitten stuck in tree and the agent gets stuck trying to rescue it; an agent learns about sea lions and seals and then helps release orphaned ones into the wild.
Vicky GuldbechVicky Guldbech
As ACC Head of Field Services
Michael Scott (2)Michael Scott (2)
As ACC Officer
Andy OAndy O'Brien
As ACC Officer
Andrea RungeAndrea Runge
As ACC Officer
Charmion ForresterCharmion Forrester
As ACC Officer
Ellie SadlerEllie Sadler
As ACC Officer
Peter FloresPeter Flores
As ACC Officer
Larry Johnson (1)Larry Johnson (1)
As ACC Officer
Le-Ellis BrownLe-Ellis Brown
As ACC Officer
Jason KentJason Kent
As ACC Officer

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1x11: Fire Escape recap: Michael Scott gets an urgent call from the fire squad. A fire caused an explosion, scaring a dog in the house and causing it to run from the scene. He looks for the dog and eventually finds it. However, it keeps escaping, and Scott is afraid of getting it getting hit by a car. He is about to call Doctor Bing, but he notices that the dog is tiring. However, the dog then disappears. Scott gives up the search, but on a hunch he returns to the burnt house, finding that the dog has returned... read more.

1x3: The Hunt for a Dog-Fight Kingpin recap: Runge investigates a complaint about two pitbulls chained up in a backyard. She suspects the owner is involved in dog-fighting. After searching the backyard, she finds a dog treadmill, which is illegal because it is used to train fighting dogs. She then finds the dogs, named Jack and Jill. The two are covered in scars. The owner moved, so his brother is watching after the dogs for him. Runge takes the treadmill, and the owner later signs the dogs over and pays a citation fine... read more.

1x2: The Snake Collector recap: Runge gets called to the local SPCA after a dog is rushed there in need of life saving resuscitation. It's the second time that week that the dog has been brought in. The owners claim they don't know why, but the vets think it's due to cruelty because the dog previously had some sort of burn. The dog is discharged but then later collapses. Sadler is assigned to the case after the dog passes away. Scott later goes to the SPCA, where the same owners have brought in a pitbull with head trauma, and once again the owners say they don't know how it happened. It too dies, and agents discover internet posts by the owners look for a new puppy. Autopsies finally arrive, revealing that the first dog probably died of a skin disease, not burns, and the second dog is believed to have died from abuse. However, it is circumstantial, so the owners aren't taken to court... read more.

1x1: Not-So-Abandoned House recap: Runge gets a call about three pitbulls attacking two people. She got a call the previous week at the same location. As she is heading there, she is told that a person is trapped in the house with a dog. With assistance from an officer, she captures Gemini the dog. After taking the dog to ACC, she goes to the hospital to take photos of the man's wounds. He has three bad punctures and temporary loss of his arm. Against the wishes of the family and the victim, it is decided to put the dog down... read more.

1x10: Ugly Ring Around the Collar recap: Lieutenant Michael Scott gets a call about a pit bull attacking a Yorkshire terrier. He gets witness statements saying that a man was walking a pit bull without a leash, and it attacked the terrier. Scott then finds out that the dog later died at the hospital. He later goes to the home of the pit bull's owner with backup. He has come to seize the dog, but it has conviently run away. At court, Sergeant Bill Herndon rules that the man can no longer keep another dog. The search for the pit bull will continue... read more.