Family Feud (US)

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What was the original proposed name for Family Feud: Easy In_Correct• Family Feud
• Fast Company
• Fast Money
• What's The Question?
Bert Convy and Richard Dawson have fought over the same female contestant: Easy In_Correct• True
• False
What was the proposal by Louie Anderson for a pilot episode of the third relaunch of Family Feud: Easy In_Correct• A traditional taping of a pilot episode
• a competition with The Anderson Family participating
• The Anderson Family vs. The Dawson Family
• increased prize amounts
When did the Techno version of the theme song debut: Easy In_Correct• 1994
• 1999
• 2002
• 2006
Why did Louie Anderson get fired: Easy In_Correct• Family Feud ended up getting low ratings.
• Louie had an embarrassing scandal.
• He looks like an aged Ray Combs.
• Both A and B are correct. CORRECT.
What was its original time slot: Hard In_Correct• 1:30 PM EST
• 1330 EST
• 10:00AM EST
• Both A and B are acceptable answers.
How much was Louie Anderson's starting salary: Easy In_Correct• 10,014,269 AUD
• 102,464 EUR
• 1,500,000 USD
• 100,295 USD
They never used The Bullseye Round after Family Feud's original syndicated run: Easy In_Correct• True
• False
What game show did Ray Combs pretend that he thought he was hosting on the 1988 Season premiere: Easy In_Correct• Card Sharks
• Family Feud
• The Price Is Right
• Wheel Of Fortune
When did Pearson become the production company of Family Feud: Medium In_Correct• October 1997
• March 2002
• They have not produced Family Feud.
• Thave always produced Family Feud.
How much did they win if they pick the correct lollipop: Easy In_Correct• a tasty lollipop
• $100
• the game
• $1,000
When did Tribune become the production company for Family Feud Easy In_Correct• 1990mayra
• 1999girlboy
• 2002
• 2004
Who became the new host after John O'Hurley's departure: Easy In_Correct• Gakhandal
• Steve Harvey
• Kennedy
• Alex Trebek
What is the name of the game that winning family participates in: Easy In_Correct• Accelerated Currency
• Bonus Round
• Fast Money
• Prize Opportunity
When was Cathy Hughart Dawson promoted to Producer: Hard In_Correct• 1981
• 1982
• 1991
• 2003
When was there only four contestants per family instead of five: Easy In_Correct• Richard Dawson's one year return
• Louie Anderson's version
• Richard Karn's version
• Steve Harvey's version
Which game show is the sound effects inspired from: Hard In_Correct• Beat The Clock
• Bullseye (US)
• Showoffs
• The Price Is Right
How many winning lollipops did they eventually add to each tree: Easy In_Correct• None, you had to lick exactly 1,000 times to finish the lollipop or you don't win the bonus.
• All of them.
• 5
• 10
What was the first survey question asked: Easy In_Correct• Name a time people wake up in the morning.
• Name a famous person named George.
• Name a popular song.
• How often in one day do people say something annoying?
Why was Ray Combs fired: Easy In_Correct• He had health problems.
• He was not fired.
• He looks like Pat Sajak and sounds like Bill Cullen.
• They were about to be cancelled and they were forced to find another host.
Who became the successor to Family Feud's production after Richard Dawson's final appearance: Hard In_Correct• CBS
• Louie Anderson Productions
• Pearson
• Tribune
The top center scoreboard was upgraded to 4 digits instead of 3 because: Easy In_Correct• They were going to increase the prize amounts.
• They were going to introduce the "Bullseye" round.
• They did not do this.
• Both A and B are correct.
When did Family Feud start being called "The Family Feud Challenge": Easy In_Correct• It has never been called this.
• It has always been called this.
• September 1994, to compete with Ray Comb's new show
• June 1992, because they expanded it
There was only one survey question in the entire game in the proposed version of Family Feud: Easy In_Correct• True
• False
When did the Lollipop Trees debut: Hard In_Correct• March 2, 1983
• Decembuary 31st, 1981
• January 4, 1975
• They do not have this feature.
Which host refused to film a traditional Family Feud Pilot: Medium In_Correct• Richard Dawson
• Ray Combs
• Louie Anderson
• John O'Hurley
How long was the original second round in Fast Money: Easy In_Correct• 15
• 20
• 25
• 30
How long was the original first round in Fast Money: Easy In_Correct• 15
• 20
• 25
• 30
Who was going to be the host of the 1988 relaunch of Family Feud: Hard In_Correct• Ray Combs
• Bert Convy
• Richard Dawson
• Joe Namath
When were Glass Blocks used to decorate the stage: Easy In_Correct• The Opryland Special
• Richard Dawson's one year return
• John O'Hurley's version
• All of the above are Correct
During the last episode with Ray Combs, the second participating family member of Fast Money got a score of 0 on all five questions: Easy In_Correct• True
• False
What was Family Feud's original network: Hard In_Correct• ABC
When Richard Dawson invited a female contestant to eat with him, what did they eat: Medium In_Correct• In-N-Out Burger
• CiCis Pizza
• Home Cooking
• Tasty ants from a picnic
The Bullseye Round is based off a game show: Hard In_Correct• The Barry-Enright version
• The U.K. version
• A grocery game from The Price Is Right
• It is not directly related to any game show at all.
The electronic board used in Family Feud until 1999 is: Medium In_Correct• A rear projection screen
• A giant LCD monitor
• A "Ferranti Packard"
• The game board was mechanical only; There was no electronics in it.
When was The Bullseye Round introduced: Easy In_Correct• They don't have this round.
• Since the beginning of the show.
• January 1980
• June 1992
There were objections from the network about Richard Dawson kissing the contestants: Easy In_Correct• True
• False
Family Feud premiered 8 days after the U.S.A. bicentennial: Easy In_Correct• True
• False
Who was a cantidate for host in 1998: Easy In_Correct• Richard Karn
• John O'Hurley
• Lisa Kennedy Montgomery
• Dolly Parton
When did Ray Combs begin using a handheld cordless microphone: Easy In_Correct• 1990
• 1992
• He never used this device.
• When he began hosting.
Who was the first family to win the first round: Hard In_Correct• Ambramowitz
• Moseley
• Smith
• Mcforcus
When was Howard Felsher promoted from Producer to Executive Producer: Easy In_Correct• 1979
• 1981
• 1990
• 2002
When did Richard Dawson invite a female contestant over to his house: Hard In_Correct• June 4, 1978
• January 8, 1979
• April 6, 1981
• August 15, 1982
What was the first number of points reached to win the game: Easy In_Correct• 100
• 200
• 400
• 450
Which producer was promoted because Richard Dawson had a feud with: Easy In_Correct• Bert Convy
• Cathy Hughart Dawson
• Howard Felsher
• Mark Goodson
At first, how many winning lollipops were in each tree: Easy In_Correct• None, you had to lick exactly 1,000 times or you don't win the bonus.
• 1
• 5
• 10
Which game show is Family Feud inspired from: Easy In_Correct• Break The Bank
• Hollywood Squares
• Match Game
• To Tell The Truth
Richard Dawson has dated one of his contestants: Easy In_Correct• True
• False
What color of stem did the lollipop need to win a prize: Medium In_Correct• Black
• Blue
• Gold
• Red
What is the reason why Richard Dawson began kissing on Family Feud: Easy In_Correct• to start actual feuds.
• to calm a panicking woman.
• He is from Europe.
• He wants to compete with Bert Convy.
What is the name of the main theme song: Easy In_Correct• Think!
• Chump Change
• The Feud
• Happy Wheels
Classification: Game Show
Genre: Tech/Gaming
Status: Returning Series
Network: Syndicated ( USA)
Airs: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays at 06:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: July 12, 1976
Episode Order: 261
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