Ep. # Air Date Title Images
1x01 28/Oct/2011 Pilot 10
1x03 11/Nov/2011 Beeware 6
1x04 18/Nov/2011 Lonelyhearts 9
1x05 08/Dec/2011 Danse Macabre 8
1x06 09/Dec/2011 The Three Bad Wolves 8
1x07 16/Dec/2011 Let Your Hair Down 8
1x09 20/Jan/2012 Of Mouse and Man 8
1x10 03/Feb/2012 Organ Grinder 8
1x11 10/Feb/2012 Tarantella 6
1x12 24/Feb/2012 Last Grimm Standing 8
1x13 02/Mar/2012 Three Coins in a Fuchsbau 8
1x14 09/Mar/2012 Plumed Serpent 8
1x15 30/Mar/2012 Island of Dreams 9
1x16 06/Apr/2012 The Thing with Feathers 9
1x17 13/Apr/2012 Love Sick 8
1x18 20/Apr/2012 Cat and Mouse 8
1x19 27/Apr/2012 Leave It to Beavers 9
1x20 04/May/2012 Happily Ever Aftermath 9
1x21 11/May/2012 Big Feet 9
1x22 18/May/2012 Woman in Black 10
2x02 20/Aug/2012 The Kiss 6
2x03 27/Aug/2012 Bad Moon Rising 8
2x05 28/Sep/2012 The Good Shepherd 8
2x06 05/Oct/2012 Over My Dead Body 6
2x07 12/Oct/2012 The Bottle Imp 8
2x08 19/Oct/2012 The Other Side 8
2x09 26/Oct/2012 La Llorona 7
2x10 02/Nov/2012 The Hour of Death 8
2x11 09/Nov/2012 To Protect and Serve Man 8
2x12 16/Nov/2012 Season of the Hexenbiest 8
2x13 08/Mar/2013 Face Off 8
2x14 15/Mar/2013 Natural Born Wesen 8
2x15 22/Mar/2013 Mr. Sandman 7
2x16 29/Mar/2013 Nameless 8
2x17 05/Apr/2013 One Angry Fuchsbau 5
2x18 19/Apr/2013 Volcanalis 7
2x20 07/May/2013 Kiss of the Muse 8
2x21 14/May/2013 The Waking Dead 7
2x22 21/May/2013 Goodnight, Sweet Grimm 5
3x01 25/Oct/2013 The Ungrateful Dead 8
3x02 01/Nov/2013 PTZD 7
3x03 08/Nov/2013 A Dish Best Served Cold 7
3x04 15/Nov/2013 One Night Stand 4
3x05 29/Nov/2013 El Cucuy 8
3x06 06/Dec/2013 Stories We Tell Our Young 8
3x07 13/Dec/2013 Cold Blooded 6
3x08 13/Dec/2013 Twelve Days of Krampus 8
3x09 03/Jan/2014 Red Menace 7
3x10 10/Jan/2014 Eyes of the Beholder 8
3x11 17/Jan/2014 The Good Soldier 7
3x12 24/Jan/2014 The Wild Hunt 7
3x13 28/Feb/2014 Revelation 7
3x14 07/Mar/2014 Mommy Dearest 8
3x15 14/Mar/2014 Once We Were Gods 7
3x16 21/Mar/2014 The Show Must Go On 8
3x17 04/Apr/2014 Synchronicity 8
3x18 11/Apr/2014 The Law of Sacrifice 8
3x20 02/May/2014 My Fair Wesen 8
3x21 09/May/2014 The Inheritance 6
4x01 24/Oct/2014 Thanks for the Memories 7
4x02 31/Oct/2014 Octopus Head 7
4x03 07/Nov/2014 Last Fight 6
4x04 14/Nov/2014 Dyin' on a Prayer 6
4x05 21/Nov/2014 Cry Luison 8
4x06 28/Nov/2014 Highway of Tears 7
4x07 05/Dec/2014 The Grimm Who Stole Christmas 5
4x08 12/Dec/2014 Chupacabra 6
4x10 23/Jan/2015 Tribunal 8
4x11 30/Jan/2015 Death Do Us Part 6
4x12 06/Feb/2015 Marechaussee 7
4x13 13/Feb/2015 Trial by Fire 8
4x14 20/Mar/2015 Bad Luck 7
4x15 27/Mar/2015 Double Date 6
4x16 03/Apr/2015 Heartbreaker 8
4x17 10/Apr/2015 Hibernaculum 8
4x18 17/Apr/2015 Mishipeshu 8
4x19 24/Apr/2015 Iron Hans 7
4x20 01/May/2015 You Don't Know Jack 8
4x21 08/May/2015 Headache 5
4x22 15/May/2015 Cry Havoc 8
5x01 30/Oct/2015 The Grimm Identity 7
5x02 06/Nov/2015 Clear and Wesen Danger 8
5x03 13/Nov/2015 Lost Boys 7
5x04 20/Nov/2015 Maiden Quest 7
5x05 04/Dec/2015 The Rat King 8
5x06 11/Dec/2015 Wesen Nacht 8
5x07 29/Jan/2016 Eve of Destruction 7
5x08 05/Feb/2016 A Reptile Dysfunction 8
5x09 12/Feb/2016 Star-Crossed 7
5x10 19/Feb/2016 Map of the Seven Knights 7
5x11 04/Mar/2016 Key Move 6
5x12 11/Mar/2016 Into the Schwarzwald 7
5x14 25/Mar/2016 Lycanthropia 8
5x15 01/Apr/2016 Skin Deep 7
5x16 08/Apr/2016 The Believer 8
5x17 15/Apr/2016 Inugami 7
5x18 22/Apr/2016 Good to the Bone 6
5x19 29/Apr/2016 The Taming of the Wu 8
5x20 13/May/2016 Bad Night 7
5x22 20/May/2016 Beginning of the End (2) 8
5x21 20/May/2016 Beginning of the End (1) 9

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