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A Red Wheelbarrow - Recap

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Saul prepares breakfast for Mira in bed. She asks if there's any chance he could skip work today but he has a meeting with Mike Higgins at the White House.

Quinn tries to make connections between various men and Bennett. Carrie believes what Majid said but she needs evidence before talking to Saul about the bomber. She wonders where Fara is because she was supposed to meet them over an hour ago. Meanwhile, Fara sits in her car in the parking lot before driving away.

Saul meets with Mike at the White House. Lockhart is also in the room and Mike says that he has made some serious allegations. Saul admits that he had Majid in custody and turned him to their side. Lockhart doesn't believe that Majid will help them but Saul says it is best that they have him spying on Iran and the Hezbollah. Saul asks Lockhart to leave the room because his clearance level isn't enough to hear the rest of Saul's plans. Mike asks about phase 2 and Saul hands him a folder. Saul's plan calls for an eventual regime change once Majid moves up to a senior military position.

In a restaurant, Mira informs Alan that she is giving her marriage with Saul a second chance. He's upset that she's going back to Saul and he tells Mira he loves her. Mira asks him not to say this and leaves when he doesn't stop.

Dar Adul tells Saul that his plan is genius. Saul is leaving soon and Carrie can't know. The two men meet with Carrie and Quinn. Carrie gets angry when she thinks that Saul isn't interested in catching the real bomber. Quinn outlines their plan to flush Bennett out and asks Adul if he's comfortable making an approach, which he is.

Fara return home and claims that she's not feeling good. She allows the nurse to go home and offers to care for her father for the day. Her father worries that she will lose her job at the bank but she says it's safe.

Dar Adul arrives at a bar to meet with Bennett. He tells him that his firm has come up more than once. He is attending a top secret meeting where Bennett is the agenda. Adul offers that Bennett come clean but he won't fall for that. He says they can come after him because he has nothing to hide.

Carrie sends a cryptic text before entering a church. Inside, she stands next to Paul Franklin. He reminds her that she is an agent for Majid but she says she just consulted. Franklin wants her to confirm the report and help Bennett protect himself and his business.

Carrie returns home and calls Saul. She says it's on and Bennett's company is panicking. Carrie asks for some personal time and Saul agrees. He knows how much she has been through and promises to get the real bomber. Saul gets off the phone and returns to dinner with Mira. He needs to leave for a few days and is sad to say that she can't come with him.

At the hospital, Carrie gets an ultrasound done. She doesn't want to know her baby's gender though. Carrie talks to her doctor about her test results. The doctor suggests that she try to have less stress at work. She needs to change her behavior if she wants the baby to be healthy.

Fara opens the front door for Mitchell Clawson from the IG's office. Mitchell asks her questions about why she hasn't been to work and why she visited the scene of the double murder. She says she wanted to see where it happened because of how much it upset her. Fara tells Mitchell to tell the director that she's fine but Mitchell suggests that she tell him herself when she goes into work tomorrow. Her father asks why she is helping the government because it could result in family members being hurt. She says she is American and leaves.

Carrie is debriefed about her mission details in trying to use Franklin to catch the bomber. She enters the same church and sits with Franklin. Carrie says that his firm is connected to the man that set up the bomb. She asks if the man is still in the country and Franklin admits that he is. He says that Bennett will be safe but Carries doesn't trust his assurance. After she leaves, Franklin calls Bennett and says that they have a line on their friend. Outside, Carrie listens in on their conversation. Bennett feels that they are safe because the man's name isn't known. He tells Franklin to get the man out of the country and orders him to give the man a new identity. The team tracks a text that Franklin sends out. The text gives the location of a hotel.

Mira enters the front door of her house, just as Alan finishes hacking her computer. He sneaks out of the house when she enters the bathroom. He returns to his car and listens in on the house.

Carrie watches as Franklin arrives at the hotel. The team is surrounding the area and they are told not to move until Franklin leaves. Franklin makes a call to a man in one of the hotel rooms. The man tells Franklin the room number. Franklin takes a silencer out of his car and prepares to enter the room. Carrie doesn't want to let the bomber be killed but Dar Adul orders the team to stand down. She gets out of her van and says that Saul promised her the bomber alive. Dar Adul warns her that they will stop her if she continues toward the hotel. Quinn warns her to break away but she says she can't. Quinn takes the shot and Carrie yells as she goes down. Franklin hears a noise but continues on to the room. When the man opens the door he shoots him with the silenced gun.

Once Franklin is inside, the team rushes to pick Carrie up. Carrie wakes up and says that something is going on. She asks Quinn where Saul is. Inside the hotel room, Franklin pours acid into a bathtub that contains the bomber.

Saul arrives outside of a large building and meets with El Nino. He is lead into the building and they take the stairs to an apartment. El Nino shows him to a chained door. Inside, Saul finds a very rough looking Nicholas Brody.