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Good Night - Recap

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Carrie enters the office and Peter apologizes about shooting her. She doesn't want to discuss the event but Peter said he had no choice. He was worried about the damage he did and looked at her medical papers. He knows that she's pregnant and thinks she should sit the mission out. Carrie says it's none of his business so he should stay away.

Scott Ryan informs Carrie of the position of Brody and the other men. They are waiting for nightfall to cross into Iran.

Higgins tells Adul that they risk a huge international incident. He's worried that this could have backlash for the president. Adul assures him that they have a backup plan if things don't go right.

Brody eats men with Turani and the other men. They call Ryan to check in. As Carrie listens she checks what they will be walking into on the other side of the border. The team makes their final checks and Brody rehearses his story.

Carrie is very anxious about the whole mission. She panics when their surveillance drone goes down but Saul assures her that they will be fine. A short time later the drone comes back online.

After sundown the men load into trucks and head for the border checkpoint. Azizi believes the border is blocked because there's an fuel truck blocking the way. They decide to wait it out and Brody starts to worry. The pull over and pretend to have car trouble. Iraqi police show up and don't buy their cover story. The police want to look in the truck and they spot Brody. Azizi gives the orders for them to be killed and the police are quickly taken out. Brody's face is sprayed with the blood of one of the men and he runs out of the truck. Azizi chases him down and tells him it's too late to turn back. He convinces Brody to return to the truck. The team continues on to the checkpoint.

Higgins asks about the Iraqi officers who were killed and Adul says the president doesn't need to know about it. Higgins picks up the phone to call the JSOC general and Adul sends a text to Saul.

Lockhart arrives with the JSOC general at Saul's secure operations room. Saul greets them and Lockhart says they are there to advise on anything that will happen. Since he's taking Saul's position soon he wants to be aware of everything that's happening. Saul reluctantly allows them in. Lockhart tells Carrie that she did a great job recruiting Brody for the mission.

There are two Iraqi humvees in the area so the team must carry out their operation quietly. Azizi plans to drop Brody off near a river and he is to walk to the checkpoint that they originally intended to go to. On the way there their truck explodes into the air. Turani calls in that it looks like Azizi hit a mine or something. The Iraqi patrol has turned north towards the explosion.

Higgins calls Saul's team and suggests a solution to the Iraqi patrol. He wants to take out their men with the drone and blame them as an Al-Qaeda cell smuggling Brody into the country. Saul refuses to initiate an attack on his own men. Movement is detected in the exploded vehicle and Brody makes his way out. He pulls Azizi out and it looks as if they are both alive.

Azizi's lower leg has exploded and Brody calls Turani to inform him what happened. Brody tells Azizi that he'll get him out of there. Turani arrives to take Azizi back to the truck. Shots are fired at them from the Iraqi humvees. Saul asks the general what they should do now. Their only choice is to withdraw to a safe landing zone.

Saul isn't happy about what they must do but Carrie says at least they still have Majid in play. Brody refuses to withdraw and wants to go into Iran himself. Carrie gets on the line with Brody and tells him he can't do it himself. He wants to carry on with the mission even if it means he won't have any support or an extraction plan. Brody believes that Carrie will find a way to get him home and hangs up on her.

Brody escapes from the team and heads for the border. Turani tells the team to go to the loading zone without him. He moves over to Brody to offer suppression fire while he makes a run for it. Lights go on and the two men are surrounded by soldiers. They say they are from Al-Qaeda and the Iranian soldiers take them prisoner.

Carrie heads to Saul's office and informs him that Brody made it across after all. She tells him that he's still in the game.

Turani sits in prison with Brody. He asks what he should expect if he's tortured. Brody says that he will lose track of time but he will break. Turani hopes that he can last at least a week to give Brody enough time to finish the mission.

Carrie walks in on Fara and says she's one of the few people who knows how important Majid is to them.She says that he's only half the play and she wasn't told about the other part. Fara has an uncle in Tehran but she refuses to put her family at risk to extract Brody. Carrie thinks thy owe the agent every chance they can to get him out alive.

Majid and another man enter Brody and Turani's cell. Brody states who he is and says he is seeking asylum in Iran. The man leaves and Majid asks if Brody is ready to come to Tehran. Brody asks about Turani and Majid shoots him dead. Majid tells Brody that now they will go to Tehran.