Season 18

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Season 18

18x?? - Barry

A promising baseball player whose career came to an end because of injury abuses pain pills and heroin. His insecure younger brother follows a very similar destructive path.

239 :18x01 - Kaeleen

A musically gifted and intelligent woman attempts to deal with the pain of sexual abuse by self-medicating using alcohol and opiates.

240 :18x02 - Sierra

A former student who was hoping to study journalism in college becomes addicted to drugs and suffers a psychotic break after a smooth talker charms his way into her mother's life and gambles away the family money.

241 :18x03 - Kacy

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242 :18x04 - Anne / Digger

A couple who are heroin addicts need help, but their situation is made worse by the presence of additional addicts within the family.

243 :18x05 - Karissa

A talented chef son becomes a drug courier and an addict after a close family friend gives her some oxycodone.

244 :18x06 - Daniel / Robert

A baseball player who saw his career ended due to injury abuses pain pills and heroin and his insecure younger brother follows an equally destructive path.

245 :18x07 - Ginger

A woman, who used to be a top contender to become a naval officer, works as a professional sugar baby to keep a supply of drugs flowing.

246 :18x08 - Daniel M

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247 :18x09 - Intervention In-Depth: Generation Heroin

The show takes a look into the nation's growing heroin epidemic as it focuses on the wealthy suburbs of St. Louis.

248 :18x10 - Alicia D

Alicia becomes addicted to heroin after she reconnects with her biological father.

249 :18x11 - Brian N

The owner of a funeral home starts to drink heavily to cope with the trauma he experienced recovering the bodies of victims in the Oklahoma City bombing.

250 :18x12 - Jonel

A woman from Montana's Blackfeet Nation starts using a couple of drugs readily available on her reservation following the tragic death of her boyfriend.

251 :18x13 - Robert

A former crack addict who inherited over $1 million and several valuable properties from his father begins to take drugs again after many years of sobriety.

252 :18x14 - Brittany

A woman's heroin and meth problems manage to divide a family that has been crumbling due to rape, drugs and divorce.