The documentary series Intervention profiles people who are losing the battle with their addictions, and whose friends and families feel the only remaining option is to hold an intervention.

Each documentary follows the lives of these addicts, taking an unflinching look at the impact of their addictions on their everyday lives, all the while the addicts are unaware that an intervention is being planned.

Each airing ends with the friends, family and a professional interventionist urging the addict to get treatment. If the individual should choose treatment, the addict immediately enters a widely respected treatment facility.

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A promising baseball player whose career came to an end because of injury abuses pain pills and heroin. His insecure younger brother follows a very similar destructive path.

Prev: 18x04 -- Anne / Digger (Mar/27/2016)

A couple who are heroin addicts need help, but their situation is made worse by the presence of additional addicts within the family.

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Candy FinniganCandy Finnigan
As Herself (Interventionist)
Jeff VanVonderenJeff VanVonderen
As Himself (Interventionist)
Ken SeeleyKen Seeley
As Himself (Interventionist)
Tara Fields (2)Tara Fields (2)
As Herself (Interventionist)


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This episode completely pissed me off.Rating: 1 likes, 0 dislikes

Before they could even get into Brooke's addiction, I was absolutely disgusted by the way her insensitive and selfish family treated her. They were so quick to write this poor, delicate young lady off as a drug addict without taking an ounce of time to care for her or understand her illness. For example; when her mother claimed that she researched her disease and thought it to be Lyme instead of RA, I felt it was only a desperate attempt to try and find a "solution" to Brooke's illness rather then understand it. As if, *poof!* "here's a cure! Now get better so we can move on with our lives and not have to deal with this anymore." What a poor excuse for a mother. Read more

Review posted on Tuesday, January 8th 2008 at 6:53 pm

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