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Before they could even get into Brooke's addiction, I was absolutely disgusted by the way her insensitive and selfish family treated her. They were so quick to write this poor, delicate young lady off as a drug addict without taking an ounce of time to care for her or understand her illness. For example; when her mother claimed that she researched her disease and thought it to be Lyme instead of RA, I felt it was only a desperate attempt to try and find a "solution" to Brooke's illness rather then understand it. As if, *poof!* "here's a cure! Now get better so we can move on with our lives and not have to deal with this anymore." What a poor excuse for a mother.

Anyone who has RA or knows someone who does, knows for sure that the disease does not work that way. There is no cure for it and stress is known to exacerbate its symptoms. Every member in that family was so ignorant, careless, and arrogant that I felt they only accelerated her addiction rather then ever helping her. This girl was basically living on her own, fending for herself, suffering in pain everday by herself with no one to provide any relief. I guarantee that if someone was living with her, monitoring her medicine, going to doctors with her, helping with her everyday needs, Brooke would have been 1000 times better with her prescription intake and overall just a more happier person. You would be surprised what unconditional love could do for a person's mental AND physical state.

During the intervention, we see one of the doctors explaining to the family how Brooke sees her addiction. All of a sudden now, this retarded family "gets" her sickness. And Brooke said it best; "Why do you understand now?" Yes!...why now? While you're on National TV and after your weddings and baby showers? Then, she is shipped off to a treatment facility, with her family anxiously shoving her off as if basically saying, "Yes! Let someone else handle this burden." When in fact, the minute she goes home, this could start all over again once the family doesn't want to "deal" with her illness anymore.

I really wish the show would've spent more time educating Brooke's family and even viewers on the fact that this type of addiction is not the same as a typical drug addiction (heroin, crack, etc). They're 5 minute brush up at the end was clearly not enough to inform & explain to people what this disease is actually capable of. I could only hope the show & its producers will learn from this mistake and offer it the next time they air a similar case. My heart and prayers go out to Brooke for a better recovery and a better life. I hope one day she will be surrounded by the love and care that she deserves.

Review posted on Tuesday, January 8th 2008 at 6:53 pm

Classification: Documentary
Genre: Lifestyle
Status: Returning Series
Network: A&E ( USA)
Airs: Sundays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: March 06, 2005
Episode Order: 8
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