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 Season 31(Add Episode)
Episode #  Airdate Title Rating
6896 31x01 15/Sep/2014 Winston Nguyen vs. Elizabeth Williams vs. Steve Lozano N/A
6897 31x02 16/Sep/2014 Elizabeth Williams vs. Bill Cossen vs. Tessa Fleming N/A
6898 31x03 17/Sep/2014 Bill Cossen vs. Erica Hersh vs. Howard Jacobs N/A
6899 31x04 18/Sep/2014 Bill Cossen vs. Jesse Henning vs. Carrie DelapeƱa N/A
6900 31x05 19/Sep/2014 Bill Cossen vs. Matthew Price vs. Stephanie Bilyeu N/A
6901 31x06 22/Sep/2014 Matthew Price vs. Dave Childs vs. Heather Jarvis N/A
6902 31x07 23/Sep/2014 Heather Jarvis vs. Catherine Hardee vs. Christian Burks N/A
6903 31x08 24/Sep/2014 Catherine Hardee vs. Laura Dziorny vs. Irv Murray N/A
6904 31x09 25/Sep/2014 Catherine Hardee vs. Dolly Moehrle vs. Joann Taylor N/A
6905 31x10 26/Sep/2014 Catherine Hardee vs. Tod Macofsky vs. Alan Lange N/A
6906 31x11 29/Sep/2014 Catherine Hardee vs. Alan Lange vs. Elisa Korb N/A
6907 31x12 30/Sep/2014 Elisa Korb vs. Alex Champlin vs. Silvia Lesko N/A
6908 31x13 01/Oct/2014 Elisa Korb vs. Sara Goodman vs. Josh Hager N/A
6909 31x14 02/Oct/2014 Josh Hager vs. Shawn Choe vs. Kate Horowitz N/A
6910 31x15 03/Oct/2014 Shawn Choe vs. Sam Barker vs. Dan Ford N/A
6911 31x16 06/Oct/2014 Shawn Choe vs. Terri Pous vs. Linda Fraley N/A
6912 31x17 07/Oct/2014 Terri Pous vs. Brendan McParland vs. Carol McGhee N/A
6913 31x18 08/Oct/2014 Terri Pous vs. Emily Herndon vs. Jason Washington N/A
6914 31x19 09/Oct/2014 Emily Herndon vs. Venkat Krishnan vs. Rena Morse N/A
6915 31x20 10/Oct/2014 Rena Morse vs. Elizabeth Crofton vs. Shane Curtis N/A
6916 31x21 13/Oct/2014 Shane Curtis vs. Dan Tran vs. Amanda Brown N/A
6917 31x22 14/Oct/2014 Shane Curtis vs. Dan Tran vs. Candice Torres N/A
6918 31x23 15/Oct/2014 Shane Curtis vs. John Campbell vs. Regina Cabrera N/A
6919 31x24 16/Oct/2014 John Campbell vs. Chris Hoeh vs. Jim Hamilton N/A
6920 31x25 17/Oct/2014 John Campbell vs. Alexander Persaud vs. Sarah Horvitz N/A
6921 31x26 20/Oct/2014 Alexander Persaud vs. Frederick Foster vs. Emma King N/A
6922 31x27 21/Oct/2014 Alexander Persaud vs. Deb Williams vs. Elizabeth Webster N/A
6923 31x28 22/Oct/2014 Alexander Persaud vs. Ali Palmer vs. Mike Harwood N/A
6924 31x29 23/Oct/2014 Ali Palmer vs. Angela Chuang vs. Matthew LaMagna N/A
6925 31x30 24/Oct/2014 Matthew LaMagna vs. Amy Thon vs. Sam Heft-Luthy N/A
6926 31x31 27/Oct/2014 Matthew LaMagna vs. Dori Phillips vs. Bill Albertini N/A
6927 31x32 28/Oct/2014 Bill Albertini vs. Michael Wille vs. Jenica Jessen N/A
6928 31x33 29/Oct/2014 Bill Albertini vs. Jenica Jessen vs. Ryan Alley N/A
6929 31x34 30/Oct/2014 Ryan Alley vs. Eileen Dreyer vs. Allison Solomon N/A
6930 31x35 31/Oct/2014 Ryan Alley vs. Allison Solomon vs. Tyler Johnson N/A
6931 31x36 03/Nov/2014 Ryan Alley vs. Conor Sullivan vs. Casey LaPlante N/A
6932 31x37 04/Nov/2014 Casey LaPlante vs. Jason Newell vs. Caitlin Malcuit N/A
6933 31x38 05/Nov/2014 Caitlin Malcuit vs. Aric Wiest vs. Hillary Huttenhower N/A
6934 31x39 06/Nov/2014 Hillary Huttenhower vs. Charles Brower vs. Che Smith N/A
6935 31x40 07/Nov/2014 Charles Brower vs. Cyle Anderson vs. Jennifer Healy N/A
6936 31x41 10/Nov/2014 2014 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 1 N/A
6937 31x42 11/Nov/2014 2014 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 2. N/A
6938 31x43 12/Nov/2014 2014 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 3. N/A
6939 31x44 13/Nov/2014 2014 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 4 N/A
6940 31x45 14/Nov/2014 2014 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 5. N/A
6941 31x46 17/Nov/2014 2014 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 1. N/A
6942 31x47 18/Nov/2014 2014 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 2. N/A
6943 31x48 19/Nov/2014 2014 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 3. N/A
6944 31x49 20/Nov/2014 2014 Tournament of Champions final game 1 N/A
6945 31x50 21/Nov/2014 2014 Tournament of Champions final game 2 N/A
6946 31x51 24/Nov/2014 Season 31, Episode 51 N/A
6947 31x52 25/Nov/2014 Season 31, Episode 52 N/A
6948 31x53 26/Nov/2014 Season 31, Episode 53 N/A
6949 31x54 27/Nov/2014 Season 31, Episode 54 N/A
6950 31x55 28/Nov/2014 Season 31, Episode 55 N/A
6951 31x56 01/Dec/2014 2014 Kids Week game 1 N/A
6952 31x57 02/Dec/2014 2014 Kids Week game 2. N/A
6953 31x58 03/Dec/2014 2014 Kids Week game 3 N/A
6954 31x59 04/Dec/2014 2014 Kids Week game 4. N/A
6955 31x60 05/Dec/2014 2014 Kids Week game 5. N/A
6956 31x61 08/Dec/2014 Ann Conger vs. Amanda Miller vs. Patrick Fernandez N/A
6957 31x62 09/Dec/2014 Ann Conger vs. MaryBeth Chmielewski vs. Peter McGillicuddy N/A
6958 31x63 10/Dec/2014 Peter McGillicuddy vs. Mindy Miner vs. Travis Darling N/A
6959 31x64 11/Dec/2014 Peter McGillicuddy vs. Jennifer Gilmore vs. Ryan Pensyl N/A
6960 31x65 12/Dec/2014 Ryan Pensyl vs. Emily Moody vs. Michael Oliphant N/A
6961 31x66 15/Dec/2014 Ryan Pensyl vs. Alysha Rooks vs. Rex Marzke N/A
6962 31x67 16/Dec/2014 Alysha Rooks vs. Jean Parker vs. Josh Vittor N/A
6963 31x68 17/Dec/2014 Alysha Rooks vs. Anne Hand vs. Kurt Fritzsche N/A
6964 31x69 18/Dec/2014 Kurt Fritzsche vs. David Emery-Peck vs. Kevin Hozey N/A
6965 31x70 19/Dec/2014 Kevin Hozey vs. Allison Fraser vs. Chris Trumpy N/A
6966 31x71 22/Dec/2014 Allison Fraser vs. Bert Ifill vs. Carly Shevinsky N/A
6967 31x72 23/Dec/2014 Allison Fraser vs. Avishai Gebler vs. Melissa Applebee N/A
6968 31x73 24/Dec/2014 Avishai Gebler vs. Becca Allred vs. Brian Hamilton N/A
6969 31x74 25/Dec/2014 Brian Hamilton vs. Jason Zbanek vs. Heather Seal-Breslin N/A
6970 31x75 26/Dec/2014 Brian Hamilton vs. Amy Williamson vs. Vaughn Winchell N/A
6971 31x76 29/Dec/2014 Vaughn Winchell vs. Thomas Todd vs. Ramona Bartos N/A
6972 31x77 30/Dec/2014 Vaughn Winchell vs. Marcia Kuipers vs. Dan Eling N/A
6973 31x78 31/Dec/2014 Vaughn Winchell vs. Zamir Ahmed vs. Jennifer Harris N/A
6974 31x79 01/Jan/2015 Vaughn Winchell vs. Page Krugman vs. Elan Sherbill N/A

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Status: Returning Series
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Premiere: March 30, 1964
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