Season 10

The Wedding Story of Zach and Tori

The Roloff Family takes a look back and shares never before heard stories of the events surrounding Zach and Tori's wedding and the love story that brought them to their special day.

Big Fans, Big Questions

The Roloffs offer a select group of fans the chance to join them on the farm for a personal question and answer session.

Jeremy & Audrey- Our Story

Relive Jeremy and Audrey's love story from "Hello" to "I do", the Roloffs help prepare for Tori and Zack's wedding; the youngest Roloff makes a big announcement and a exclusive sneak peek.

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Countdown to the Season Premiere

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Guest Stars: Andrea Canning as Herself

Q&A; with the Roloffs

The Roloffs invite fans to the farm for a question and answer session, and a fun-filled day; Amy throws a dinner party while Matt is out of town; with bonus scenes and a sneak peek.

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257 :10x01 - When Matt's Away, Amy Will Play

Amy decides to host a fancy dinner party whilst Matt's out of town.

258 :10x02 - Seeds of Change

It's the annual Pumpkin Festival and Jeremy, Zach, Audrey and Tori are taking on larger roles. Even Amy has some tricks up her sleeve…unbeknownst to Matt. The kids fear that tension between their parents could escalate during such a crucial farm event.

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259 :10x03 - A New Kind of Thanksgiving

Matt and Amy discover that they won't get to spend Thanksgiving with their children for the first time in 25 years.

261 :10x05 - Campfire Confessions and Salsa Lessons

Matt is feeling alone and thinks about his success as a father. Zach proposes a boys camping trip.

262 :10x06 - Marriage Do's & Don'ts

Matt and Amy are not sure how much longer they can work and live on the farm together. Jeremy and Audrey work on making their marriage last.

263 :10x07 - Little People, Big Goals

Amy and Matt meet with their divorce lawyers; Matt thinks that more space might make it easier to co-exist on the farm; Zach uses soccer to bring awareness to dwarf athletics.

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264 :10x08 - Big Island or Bust!

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