Out of Bounds - Recap

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The episode begins with Sharon and Rusty discussing about his biological father. Sharon then leaves for a murder scene. She at the scene sees a murdered man in the front seat of a car. Sykes informs Sharon that the victim’s name is Anthony Lewis and the car is registered in his name. There are dents on the victim’s vehicle from another car. Later Anthony’s brother Lamar Lewis is called in for questioning. Julio tells Lamar that the whole thing looks like road rage, and they are trying to trace the person who bumped into the back of Anthony’s car. Lamar is placed under arrest, and kept under probation just so he can’t go outside and try to create trouble.

Later at home, Rusty and Sharon discuss what kind of man his biological father could possibly be. Later Sharon and Provenza pay Anthony’s coach Javier a visit. Javier reveals to the tow how, Lamar was causing trouble in the stands and therefore he got rid of him. He also makes it clear that, Lamar didn’t have any influence over Anthony. Javier is then asked about a red minivan, and he says he did see it and tells them, it left just when Anthony left. Later, Sharon and team conclude that Anthony was specifically targeted, if Javier is telling the truth. Julio feels it’s not a gang killing, as gangsters do not bump into each other’s cars, they shoot their enemy directly. Later, Julio tells Lamar that, Anthony had nothing to do with gangs but was possibly killed because of him.

Family is out of bounds, but possibly someone broke the rules. Julio then describes to Lamar how Anthony was killed. He basically tells Lamar that, Anthony was killed while he was trying to get his insurance information out of his glove compartment. Julio then suggests to Lamar that, it wasn’t probably a gang hit, as no gang with go through all the trouble of banging into someone car just to shoot someone, but would instead do it directly. Julio then suggests that Anthony’s murder was possibly random. He then asks Lamar “can you think of anyone who might have wanted your brother dead?” Lamar in the end is convinced that Anthony’s death isn’t a gang killing, and therefore he is ready to help in any way he can. Lamar is then allowed to go home.

Sharon feels Lamar may lead them to the killer or “killers”. Taylor though, isn’t happy with Sharon’s decision and feels letting Lamar go is dangerous. Sharon on her part feels that, holding Lamar in captivity would lead to a lawsuit. Later they keep a watch on Lamar’s movements. Sharon during their conversation also tells her team about Rusty, and how he wants to know more about his biological father before he meets him. Andy suggests that he might know someone who might just be able to help. Lamar on the other hand arrives at his brother’s school. Julio is also at the school keeping a watch on him. Sykes follows Lamar, to a football field in the school. On the field, Javier is shown telling the football team to honor Anthony’s memory. Sykes sees a guy joining Lamar in the stadium.

Lamar then walks onto the field with Sykes following him. He is then seen following Coach Javier. Javier then drives away, and a boy who is with him is followed by Lamar. Lamar then confronts the boy and accuses him of killing Anthony. The boy then begins running, with Lamar chasing him. Sykes too is close behind. Sykes in the end apprehends Lamar, before he can catch the boy. Lamar then tries to remove his gun and shoot. He in the ensuing struggle badly injures Sykes. Julio comes in just then and beats Lamar black and blue. The boy who was running from Lamar is also arrested. Later at the station, Rusty is handed a file with more information about his father. Provenza informs Sharon that, Sykes has suffered a concussion and a dislocated jaw.

The boy Diego, who has been arrested, had a fight with Anthony a few weeks ago because he was angry about the fact that Anthony got the spot of the quarterback instead of him. Diego’s parents arrive at the precinct. The parents claim that Diego is the victim, as he was chased and shown a gun. Andy informs Sharon that Diego’s family owns a red minivan. Julio and Sharon then question Diego. Julio asks Diego how he rates himself as a player. Diego informs them that he is extremely good and gives the two numbers and figures to prove it. The two then ask him as to what happened with Anthony a few weeks ago. Diego immediately realizes that the two are insinuating that he is somehow involved in Anthony’s murder.

He immediately tries to defend himself by saying that he and Anthony were just letting off steam, when they fought with each other a few weeks back. He admits that he was angry, as Anthony had a lucky couple of games and he was in a slump “but that was it”. He reasons that he did not need to kill Anthony in order to get selected, as he would have gotten selected sooner or later. Andy and team find out that the red minivan is owned by Diego’s grandmother. Andy then leaves to get a warrant to search the minivan. Diego’s father later tells Sharon and Julio that his son has an alibi for the time Anthony was killed, as at that very point he had sent his son to a store, and the time stamp on the store receipt would prove that.

Sharon then asks to see the man’s wallet once again, and sees that there isn’t any other receipt in his wallet. She then asks him as to why he decided to keep only that one receipt safely. He is then informed that the police know about the minivan. With his back against the wall Diego’s father admits that he followed Anthony. He tells Sharon that, he just needed to prove that Anthony was in a gang “so Ramirez would kick him off the team”. He then reveals that Anthony must have seen him when he was following Anthony, and as a result Anthony slammed his brakes and he hit Anthony’s car from behind. He got out to assess the damage; then according to him Anthony started shouting and threatening that “he is going to kill a Mexican”.

Anthony then reached for his glove compartment, and he thought Anthony was reaching for a gun. Mike informs him that Anthony was going for his registration and insurance information. “How was I suppose to know that?” he asks Mike. “They all have guns” he then adds. Sharon though will hear none of it, and reminds him that Anthony wasn’t in any gang. He is also informed that, its premeditation, as he sent his son to the store before going after Anthony.

He then asks Sharon, if he helps her, can she make sure that Diego will keep playing. “Will you help my son stay on the team?” he asks. Sharon tells him that he has to give a statement, and assure them that Diego wasn’t involved. Later at home, Rusty tells Sharon he is happy staying with her and doesn’t want to meet his biological father. The episode ends at this point.